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  1. The Watergate Trial Conversations are excerpted Nixon White House tape conversations that were played in open court in U.S. v. Mitchell, et al. and U.S. v. Connally. The segments are a portion of the approximately 60 hours of tape subpoenaed by the Watergate Special Prosecution Force (WSPF). These conversations include the segments referred to ...

  2. 6.4. Rate. 49 Metascore. The story of Mark Felt, who under the name "Deep Throat" helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1972. Director: Peter Landesman | Stars: Liam Neeson, Diane Lane, Marton Csokas, Tony Goldwyn. Votes: 13,453 | Gross: $0.77M.

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  4. The Watergate Hearings Collection covers 51 days of broadcasts of the Senate Watergate hearings from May 17, 1973, to November 15, 1973, and seven sessions of the House impeachment hearings on May 9 and July 24 – 30, 1974. The hearings, recorded by the National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT), were broadcast each evening in full ...

  5. May 30, 2017 · History sometimes rhymes, says the old axiom, but it never repeats; it can instruct, yet people and times change drastically. This isn’t Watergate—at least not yet. There are major differences ...

  6. What turned Watergate from a suspicious set of events into a full-blown constitutional crisis was a secret taping system known only to Nixon and a few staffers.

  7. Sep 27, 2018 · On June 17, 1972, five burglars were arrested during a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. According to news reports of ...

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