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  1. 23 hours ago · Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures.It is based on Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its 1871 sequel Through the Looking-Glass.

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    23 hours ago · 300 is a 2006 American epic historical action film directed by Zack Snyder, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kurt Johnstad and Michael B. Gordon, based on the 1998 comic book limited series of the same name by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.

  3. 23 hours ago · Plot Title screen in the original theatrical trailer Fantasia opens with live-action scenes of members of an orchestra gathering against a blue background and tuning their instruments in half-light, half-shadow. Master of ceremonies Deems Taylor enters the stage (also in half-light, half-shadow) and introduces the program. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Live-action ...

  4. 23 hours ago · Etymology Silicon Valley derives its name from the silicon used in transistors and computer chips, pioneered in the region in the 20th century. "Silicon" refers to the chemical element used in silicon-based transistors and integrated circuit chips, which is the focus of a large number of computer hardware and software innovators and manufacturers in the region.

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