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    Arghun was a Buddhist, but as did most Turco-Mongols, he showed great tolerance for all faiths, even allowing Muslims to be judged under Islamic Law. Arghun dynasty later claimed descent from him. Hasan Fasai also claimed his treasure was found during reign of Qajar dynasty, trying to link Qajars to Qajar Noyan, son of his emir Sartaq Noyan.

    • 23 February 1286
    • Tekuder
    • 11 August 1284 – 12 March 1291
    • Gaykhatu
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    Jul 16, 2021 · Arghun- Tarkhan Dynasty . The Arghun dynasty ruled over the area between southern "Afghanistan" and the "Sindh" from the late 15th century to the early 16th century and was either "Mongol," "Turkic," or "Turco-Mongol" ancestry. The "Arghuns" claimed descent and the name "Arghun Khan" from the "Ilkhanid-Mongol" Arghun Khan.

  3. This is the timeline of the Mongol Empire from the birth of Temüjin, later Genghis Khan, to the ascension of Kublai Khan as emperor of the Yuan dynasty in 1271, though the title of Khagan continued to be used by the Yuan rulers into the Northern Yuan dynasty, a far less powerful successor entity, until 1634.

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  5. Tuluva Dynasty [3] [c. late 15th century CE-1576 CE] Īśvara Nāyaka Narasa Nāyaka Vīra Narasimha c. 1505 CE-1509 CE Krishnadeva Rāya c. 1509 CE-1529 CE [4] Achyutadeva Rāya c. 1529 CE-1542 CE [5] Venkata I c. 1542 CE Salakaraju Tirumala (maternal uncle of Venkata I) c. 1542 CE Sadāśiva

  6. The Mongols attack the Tangut state of Xi Xia. 1211. The Mongols attack the Jurchen Jin state in northern China . 1212 - 1215. The Mongols attack Song China, sacking over 90 cities . 1214. The Jurchen Jin state signs a short-lived peace treaty with the Mongol Empire and is obliged to pay tribute. 1215.

  7. All the events are represented on the interactive timeline and can be visualized. You can review all the cause-and-effect relations of timeline

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