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    Arkansas (/ ˈ ɑːr k ən s ɔː /) is a state in the south central region of the United States, home to more than three million people as of 2018. Its name is from the Osage language, of Siouan derivation; it denoted their related kin, the Quapaw people.

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    Arkansas is a 2020 American thriller film, directed by Clark Duke in his directorial debut, from a screenplay by Duke and Andrew Boonkrong. It stars Liam Hemsworth, Duke, Michael Kenneth Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Eden Brolin, Chandler Duke, John Malkovich and Vince Vaughn.

    • Clark Duke, Patrick Hibler, Jeff Rice, Martin Sprock
    • Arkansas, by John Brandon
  3. Arkansas, nicknamed the Land of Opportunity or The Natural State, is a state in the United States of America. Its capital and largest city is Little Rock . It has been estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2015 that around 2,978,204 people live in Arkansas.

    • June 15, 1836 (25th)
    • United States
    • Arkansas Territory
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    Arkansas County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 19,019. Located in the Arkansas Delta, the county has two county seats, De Witt and Stuttgart. The first of the state's 75 present-day counties to be created, Arkansas County was formed on December 13, 1813, when this area was part of the Missouri Territory. The county was named after the Arkansas River, as was the subsequent Arkansas Territory. This was later split off from Missouri Terr

    The county was created by the Missouri Territorial Legislature on December 31, 1813. It was called Arkansas after the Arkansas River, and the Arkansas tribe of Native Americans. It is one of seven current counties that have the same name as the state in which it is located.[Note

    The county seat was moved from Arkansas Post to DeWitt, a newly established town created at the request of the Arkansas County Quorum Court on February 19, 1853. County government officially held court for the first time in DeWitt in October 1855. This area was developed for cott

    Arkansas County initially sent two companies of militia to Little Rock to serve in what would become the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment: Company H, known as "The Crockett Rifles", and Company K, known as "The DeWitt Guards". A third company would join the 6th Arkansas Infantry Re

    Arkansas County is located in the Arkansas Delta a subregion of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, which is a flat area consisting of rich, fertile sediment deposits from the Mississippi River between Louisiana and Illinois. Within the Delta, Arkansas County is almost entirely within the Grand Prairie subregion, historically a flat grassland plain underlain by an impermeable clay layer. Prior to the 19th century, flatter areas with slowly to very slowly permeable soils supported Arkansas's largest

    Racial/Ethnic Makeup of Arkansas County treating Hispanics as a Separate Category White Non-Hispanic Black Non-Hispanic Native American Non-Hispanic Asian Non-Hispanic Pacific Islander Non-Hispanic Other Non-Hispanic Two or more races Non-Hispanic Hispanic Any Race As of the 2010

    As of the 2000 census, there were 20,749 people, 8,457 households, and 5,970 families residing in the county. The population density was 21 people per square mile. There were 9,672 housing units at an average density of 10 per square mile. The racial makeup of the county was 75.1

    Educational attainment in Arkansas County is typical for a rural Arkansas county, with a 2016 study finding 82.5% of Arkansas County residents over age 25 held a high school degree or higher, below Arkansas and national averages of 85.2% and 87.0%, respectively. Arkansas County's

    Arkansas County's above-average poverty rate indicates a high Medicaid eligibility rate. As of 2012, 31.8% of Arkansas County was eligible for Medicaid, with 72.5% of children under 19 eligible for ARKids First, a program by the Arkansas Department of Human Services that combines

    The Arkansas County Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement agency in the county. The agency is led by the Arkansas County Sheriff, an official elected by countywide vote every four years. Police departments in Stuttgart, DeWitt, Humphrey, Gillett, and Almyra provide law

    Arkansas County has several facilities, monuments, and museums dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the area. Several historic log structures remain in the county from the pioneer era. Four facilities interpret the county's natural heritage and unique position on the Grand Prairie, including Arkansas Post State Park, the Museum of the Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, the Potlatch Conservation Education Center in Casscoe, and the Visitor Center at White River NWR in St. Charles. Local hi

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    Black Oak Arkansas. After several trips to Los Angeles, California, in 1970, the band was signed by Atco Records (whose parent label, Atlantic Records, once had a partnership with Stax) and rechristened Black Oak Arkansas. Their self-titled debut album Black Oak Arkansas was released in 1971.

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    Alternative forms

    1. (river): Arkansa (archaic) 2. Arkansaw (obsolete, the spelling used when the territory was organized in 1819)


    From the name of the Arkansas River, from French Arcansas, a (plural) designation of either a Siouan tribe or the Quapaw. This designation is sometimes claimed to derive from a Quapaw word *akakaze (“land of downriver people”) or a Lakota/Dakota word *akakaze (“people of the south wind”); more likely, it derives from a Siouan ethnonym cognate to Kansa (whence also the name of the state of Kansas).


    1. (US) IPA(key): /ˈɑɹ.kən.sɔ/ 2. (US, now nonstandard in reference to the state) IPA(key): /ɑɹˈkæn.zəs/ (see usage notes)


    Borrowed from English Arkansas.

    Proper noun

    Arkansas (genitive Arkansas') 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)


    From English Arkansas.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈɑrkɑnsɑs/, [ˈɑrkɑns̠ɑs̠] (declension: risti) 2. IPA(key): /ˈɑrkɑnsoː/, [ˈɑrkɑns̠o̞ː] (declension: maa) 3. Syllabification: Ar‧kan‧sas

    Proper noun

    Arkansas 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)


    1. IPA(key): /aʁˈkanzas/ (Germanicised; slightly dated in educated speech) 2. IPA(key): /ˈaʁkənˌsɔː/ (approaching English; educated) 3. IPA(key): /aʁˈkɛnzəs/, /əˈkɛnzəs/ (approaching the dated or merely a supposed English pronunciation; proscribed)


    Arkansas n (genitive Arkansas') 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)


    1. IPA(key): /ˈar.kan.zas/, /arˈkan.zas/

    Proper noun

    Arkansas m (indeclinable) 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)

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    1. Arkansasin Polish dictionaries at PWN

    Proper noun

    Arkansas m 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)

    Proper noun

    Arkansas n 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)


    1. IPA(key): /arˈkansas/, [arˈkãnsas]

    Proper noun

    Arkansas m 1. Arkansas (a state of the United States)

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  8. Arkansas City, Kansas - Wikipedia,_Kansas

    Arkansas City (/ ɑːr ˈ k æ n z ə s /) is a city in Cowley County, Kansas, United States, situated at the confluence of the Arkansas and Walnut rivers in the southwestern part of the county. As of the 2010 census , the city population was 12,415.

    • 1,119 ft (341 m)
    • Cowley
  9. Van Buren, Arkansas - Wikipedia,_Arkansas

    The Arkansas–Oklahoma state line is 2 miles (3 km) to the west. The Arkansas River forms the southern boundary of the city, separating it from Fort Smith of Sebastian County. Lee Creek flows through the western side of the city into the Arkansas River.

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    Batesville is the county seat and largest city of Independence County, Arkansas, United States, 80 miles (183 km) northeast of Little Rock, the state capital.According to the 2010 Census, the population of the city was 10,268.

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