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  1. Dec 26, 2023 · Find out the monthly basic pay for Army officers and other service members based on paygrade, rank and years of service. See the 5.2% pay increase for 2024 and how to access pay calculators and charts.

  2. Find out the monthly basic pay and additional payments for Army officers from paygrade O-1 to O-10. Learn about the factors that affect the pay raise and the benefits for soldiers and their families.

  3. The charts below show the basic pay (base annual salary before bonuses) for enlisted Soldiers, Warrant Officers, and commissioned Officers. They’re sorted by rank and years of experience, and do not include bonuses, allowances, or other benefits. Active-duty Soldiers work in the Army full time and are paid according to their rank and years of ...

  4. Army Officer salaries are generally comparable with mid- to senior-level corporate executives. However, when you consider additional benefits like free health care for full-time Soldiers, as well as allowances for housing and food, opportunities to get an advanced degree without incurring debt, 30 days paid leave every year, and more financial ...

  5. Find out the monthly basic pay and maximum pay for each officer rank in the US Army, from second lieutenant to general of the army. See the pay chart for 2024 and learn about other supplemental payments and benefits for soldiers.

  6. Find out the monthly basic pay rates for Army officers based on their paygrade and years of experience. Compare the pay rates with other military branches and use the Army pay calculator for a more detailed estimate.

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  8. Basic Pay is the fundamental component of military pay. All members receive it and typically it is the largest component of a member's pay. A member's grade (usually the same as rank) and years of service determines the amount of basic pay received. To see the current pay table or learn about annual pay raises, select one of the following topics:

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