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  1. The Articles of Confederation had 13 main articles Article 2: The state governments still had their own powers that were not listed in the Articles. Article 3: Refers to the union as a "league of friendship" where the states will help to protect each other from attacks.

  2. under the articles of confederation the national government had the power to a. negotiate treaties b. collect taxes c. establish a federal judiciary d. enforce its laws e. regulate interstate commerce

  3. The Articles of Confederation or Articles was a written agreement which laid the guidelines for the functioning of the national government. It was drafted by the Continental Congress and sent to the thirteen original states for ratification in November 1777. The ratification process was important, as without it the document did not come into ...

  4. The Articles of Confederation had a major weakness: the absence of executive power. This affected its ability to levy taxes and to work with other members. Why did the Articles of Confederation create a weak central government? The Articles created a weak central government, and most powers were given to the states.

  5. Sep 06, 2021 · The Articles of Confederation created a weak federal government. The new government was defined as a ''league of friendship.'' for the purpose of common defense and welfare.

  6. Jun 11, 2021 · The federal system set up by the Articles of Confederation meant that the national government was Supreme to the individual state governments and Americans worried that the country was too much like England.

  7. The Articles of Confederation was created in November 1777 and ratified by the thirteen original states in 1781 in a bid to form the basis on which the national government was to function. Though it didn’t quite serve the purpose, it did create some issues for the United States at the national and international level.

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