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  1. Marvel Spider-Man wallpaper, video games, Spider-Man (2018), Marvel Comics; 3840x2160px

  2. Aug 04, 2022 · Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters -— including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more -- on your mobile device or tablet with the touch of a button.

  3. Aug 04, 2009 · Artwork. Thor – by Simone Bianchi. 156. 0 comments. share. save. About Community. This is a subreddit dedicated to Marvel Comics, its publications and hundreds of ...

  4. Jul 23, 2022 · Wolverine's combat suit made its first appearance in 2003 in Uncanny X-Men #423, written by Chuck Austen with artwork by Ron Garney. This suit was used in conjunction with his New X-Men uniform. The yellow and blue was reminiscent of his earlier costumes, but this one felt more modern. RELATED: The Best X-Men Uniforms In Marvel Comics, Ranked

  5. The Owl (Leland Owlsley) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is depicted usually as an enemy of the superheroes Daredevil, Spider-Man and Black Cat. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Joe Orlando, the character first appeared in Daredevil #3 (August 1964).

  6. Electro (Maxwell "Max" Dillon) (/ ɪ ˈ l ɛ k t r oʊ /) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, he was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Feb. 1964) as an adversary to the superhero Spider-Man.

  7. Apr 01, 2022 · The series was celebrated by fans for its stunning artwork and the new take on some of the biggest moments included in some of Marvel's other stand-out comics. Fans looking for a similar exploration into darker territory should check out Warren Ellis, Terese Nielsen and Cliff Nielsen's unforgettable Ruins .

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