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  2. Ted Bancroft Richard Backus (1979) Natalie Bannon Judith Chapman (1975–78) Janet Zarish (1981) Second ex-wife of Tom Hughes. Hank Barton Peter Burnell (1969) Courtney Baxter Hayley Barr (1990–94) Sister of Sean Baxter. Dated Andy Dixon. Sean Baxter Burke Moses (1989–91) Mark Lewis (1992) Brother of Courtney Baxter. Suzanne Becker

  3. List of As the World Turns cast members 1 language Read Edit View history This is a list of actors and actresses who have had roles on the soap opera As the World Turns . Cast members [ edit] References [ edit] External links [ edit] "As the World Turns Cast List". Retrieved December 17, 2011. "As the World Turns Cast and Credits".

  4. List of As the World Turns recurring characters A Steve Andropoulos and Betsy Stewart C Rosanna Cabot Maddie Coleman D John Dixon (As the World Turns) Dusty Donovan Dusty Donovan and Lucy Montgomery G Lisa Grimaldi H Vicky Hudson Christopher Hughes II Bob Hughes Casey Hughes Frannie Hughes Margo Hughes Nancy Hughes Penny Hughes (As the World Turns)

    • Overview
    • Al James
    • Tom Pope
    • Greg Williams
    • Julie Spencer

    This article contains synopses for the recurring characters that have appeared on the American soap opera As the World Turns.

    He is one of Penny Hughes' classmates who taunted her and her ex, Jeff Baker. Jeff got into a fight with Al and killed him. Jeff was put on trial, and was cleared of the murder.

    An attorney, and Penny Hughes' boyfriend, Tom was beloved by her family. He was engaged to her, but when he heard Jeff Baker declare his love for her he released her from the engagement and later left town.

    Greg was an ambitious reporter who was always looking for stories.

    Julie was a young attorney, and Mitchell Dru's ward.

    • Backstory
    • 2002–2005
    • 2007–2010

    Alison was introduced on July 11, 1994, Susan Stewart and her much younger husband, fellow doctor Larry McDermott. Susan carried the baby, which was created with Larry's sperm and an egg donated by Susan's daughter, Emily Stewart.

    In 2002, Alison (Dunphy) immediately made her presence known as a bad-girl blonde like her "sister," Emily: mischievous, witty, and willing to use her beauty to manipulate or just for fun. Even so, the character's vulnerability was clearly visible, caused by abandonment issuesstemming from her absent father and her experiences growing up as the dau...

    In early 2007, when Emily was having sex with a man she met, they watched a porn tape, and Emily was horrified when she discovered that the girl in the movie was Alison (Schulenburg). Emily went to Dusty Donovan for help and the two tracked Ali down in Las Vegas, where she had made several porn movies and was addicted to crystal meth. They took her...

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