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    • She Was a Waitress. The wife of the third wealthiest man is not the person you might expect. She isn’t a socialite or a jet-setter. In fact, Astrid moved around a bit before she landed in the job where she met Warren.
    • Not the Love Triangle You Expected. By all appearances, Astrid and Warren’s first wife Susie were either the best of friends or also in love. While Warren Buffet remained married to his wife, she often lived far away while pursuing her own career and interests.
    • Forty Year Engagement. According to most sources, Astrid and Warren lived together happily for three or four decades before they married. Susie passed away in 2004, and the other Buffett couple married in 2006, a respectful two years after Susie’s death.
    • Latvian. Astrid is originally from Latvia, which is a small country on the Baltic sea right between Lithuania and Estonia. If you’re still not sure where that is, somewhere near Russia would be a fair answer for the geographically disinclined.
  1. Astrid Menks is a Latvian-American philanthropist and former cocktail waitress who is married to billionaire business magnate Warren Buffett. After spending a considerable part of her early life in her home country of Latvia, Menks moved to the US in pursuit of the proverbial American dream.

  2. May 16, 2021 · Astrid Menks is a former waitress-turned caretaker who is now married to Warren Buffett, a billionaire known for being able to predict the stock market. Warren Buffett, the world’s second richest man with a fortune of $44bn (£23bn). The pair have been living together since the late 1970s. Nothing unusual about that, except that Buffett […]

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    • Astrid Menks
  3. Feb 24, 2020 · Astrid Menks is known to the world because of her partner. She is the wife of the world’s fourth-richest person, Warren Buffet. She is living a blissful married life with her husband, Warren Buffet. The couple walked the aisle on August 30, 2006, at Nebraska.

  4. Sep 16, 2019 · Astrid Menks gained worldwide attention after getting married to CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett, who is the fourth richest person in the world, as of 2020. Menks is a former waitress at The French Cafe cocktail bar, owned by her husband, in Omaha, Nebraska. Warren is considered one of the investment gurus and business tycoons.

    • Latvia
    • Astrid Menks
    • 1946
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  5. Aug 27, 2021 · Astrid Menks is the wife of famous businessman and billionaire Warren Buffett. Being the wife of a billionaire she has managed to keep her life with simple living and taking care of her home and family. Astrid is the second wife of Warren she was married to Warren after his first wife’s died.

  6. Sep 01, 2006 · Buffett's Latvian-born bride, Astrid Menks, is 60 to her husband's 76. The pair have been living together since the late 1970s. Nothing unusual about that, except that Buffett had an apparently ...

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