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  1. Atlas III - Wikipedia › wiki › Atlas_III

    The Atlas III (known as the Atlas II-AR (R for Russian) early in development ) was an American orbital launch vehicle, used in the years between 2000 and 2005. It was the first member of the Atlas family since the Atlas A to feature a "normal" staging method, compared to the previous Atlas family members, which were equipped with two jettisonable outboard engines on the first (booster) stage ...

    • IIIA: 24 May 2000, IIIB: 21 February 2002
    • 6, (IIIA: 2, IIIB: 4)
  2. Atlas (rocket family) - Wikipedia › wiki › NGLS

    Atlas is a family of US missiles and space launch vehicles that originated with the SM-65 Atlas.The Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program was initiated in the late 1950s under the Convair Division of General Dynamics.

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  4. List of Atlas launches (2000–2009) - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Atlas_launches

    First launch of the Atlas IIIA, carrying Eutelsat 36A. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launches on an Atlas V 401. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launches on an Atlas V 401. New Horizons launches on an Atlas V 551.

  5. Atlas V - Wikipedia › wiki › Atlas_V_551

    Atlas V is an expendable launch system and the fifth major version in the Atlas rocket family. It was originally designed by Lockheed Martin, now being operated by United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture between Lockheed and Boeing. Each Atlas V rocket consists of two main stages.

  6. Atlas (mythology) - Wikipedia › wiki › Atlas_(mythology)

    In Greek mythology, Atlas (/ ˈ æ t l ə s /; Greek: Ἄτλας, Átlas) is a Titan condemned to hold up the celestial heavens or sky for eternity after the Titanomachy.Atlas also plays a role in the myths of two of the greatest Greek heroes: Heracles (Hercules in Roman mythology) and Perseus.

  7. Atlas III - Atlas III - › wiki › Atlas_III

    Grundlinjen var Atlas IIIA , men Atlas IIIB med en to-motor version af Centaur øvre fase blev også produceret. Start . Den første flyvning med Atlas III fandt sted den 24. maj 2000 og lancerede Eutelsat W4- kommunikationssatellitten i en geosynkron bane .

  8. Titan IIIA - Wikipedia › wiki › Titan_IIIA

    The Titan IIIA or Titan 3A was an American expendable launch system, launched four times in 1964 and 1965, to test the Transtage upper stage which was intended for use on the larger Titan IIIC. The Transtage was mounted atop two core stages derived from the Titan II .

  9. SM-65 Atlas - Wikipedia › wiki › B-65_Atlas

    The SM-65 Atlas was the first operational intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) developed by the United States and the first member of the Atlas rocket family.It was built for the U.S. Air Force by the Convair Division of General Dynamics at an assembly plant located in Kearny Mesa, San Diego.

  10. Resources - Official ATLAS Wiki › wiki › Resources
    • Resource List
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    Each category of a resource has a generic type and several blueprint-compatible types. The generic type is what you receive from demolishing structures and that you can harvest at freeports. You will find the other types spread throughout the game world. The following tables show each generic in the left column. You can open the list on the right column to see the resources you need to look for to build your item:

    When crafting Common-tier items, any resources of the correct basetype may be used. When crafting items from higher-tier blueprints (Ramshackle and above), resources of multiple subtypes must be used. For example, a Ramshackle blueprint may specify Fibers 3x18. This indicates that 18 units of three different subtypes must be used, such as 18 Cotton, 18 Hemp and 18 Silk, or 18 Straw, 18 Cotton and 18 Hemp. Base type resources may notbe used in the crafting of these items. The following screenshot illustrates the requirements of a higher-tier blueprint.

    Resource sub-types vary by Biome and location. For example, Rushesmay be found in Temperate and Tropical regions, but not in Tundra regions. Note: On starter islands (Freeports), only basetypes may be harvested. To get specific types, players must explore different islands. Holding down h(default settings) on the keyboard while targeting a resource will tell you what types of items are collectible from that resource.

    In addition to raw materials, there are a number of craftable intermediate resourcesthat are used as crafting ingredients. They include: 1. Blasting Powder 2. Cobalt Ingot 3. Copper Ingot 4. Fire Gel 5. Gunpowder 6. Iridium Ingot 7. Iron Ingot 8. Organic Paste 9. Organic Paste (Coral) 10. Preserving Salt 11. Silver Ingot 12. Tin Ingot Note: Any references to "alloy" in the game are actually referring to the crafted ingots listed above.

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