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  1. The Untold Truth Of Aubrey Plaza -

    May 11, 2020 · In Aubrey Plaza's case, she suffered from a stroke due to a blood clot in her brain's language center when she was 20 years old, according to an interview with The Guardian. "It just happened," she told the publication .

  2. Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza reveals she suffered a stroke at ...

    Aug 05, 2016 · But Aubrey Plaza, 33, has revealed that she almost had to give up on her dream of being an actress after suffering a stroke at the age of 20 that left her temporarily mute and paralysed.

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  3. Aubrey Plaza: Stroke at 20 changed my approach to life - UPI

    Aug 04, 2016 · LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4 (UPI) --Aubrey Plaza is opening up about the debilitating stroke she had at age 20.The 32-year-old actress reflected on the experience in an interview with the Guardian while ...

  4. Aubrey Plaza: ‘Things take on a different meaning when death ...

    Aug 04, 2016 · Aubrey Plaza: ‘Things take on a different meaning when death comes so close’ ... At 20, Plaza had a stroke that robbed her of the power of speech, and, aged 11, Devine was hit by a cement ...

  5. More young people are having strokes! - The Real Side With ...

    Actress Aubrey Plaza had a stroke at 20 years old that temporarily took away her ability to speak. When he was in his late 20s, actor Frankie Muniz shared with fans on Twitter that he was experiencing “mini strokes” (aka transient ischemic attacks —more on those later).

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  6. Ranker - Aubrey Plaza survived a stroke at 20 to become ...

    Nov 23, 2020 · Aubrey Plaza survived a stroke at 20 to become one of the most interesting actresses and comedians in Hollywood.

  7. Aubrey Plaza on Scary Movies, Surviving a Stroke, and Besting ...

    Aubrey Plaza, the star of Child’s Play talks scary movies, surviving a stroke, loving Delaware, and besting Joe Biden. But first, the basics. But first, the basics. Age : 35

  8. Aubrey Plaza - Wikipedia

    Aubrey Christina Plaza (born June 26, 1984) is an American actress and comedian. She began her career performing improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater . She is best known for her starring role as April Ludgate on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation (2009–2015).

  9. 37 Hot Pictures of Aubrey Plaza Will Rock Your World

    Plaza graduated from the Ursuline Academy in 2002 and from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2006. Aubrey Plaza Stroke. During her stay at New York University in 2004, Plaza suffered a stroke that caused temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia, but completely recovered. Aubrey Plaza Hot Pictures

  10. Does actress, Aubrey Plaza have Autism Spectrum Disorder ...

    You may have never heard of this actress. I originally saw Aubrey Plaza when I was stumbled upon a CollegeHumor video titled "Anti-Drug Dog". I never would have guessed she would have Aspergers just judging from the video. later I saw the girl on "Parks and Recreation".

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