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  1. Austria Hungary Flag 1914 - About Flag Collections › austria-hungary-flag-1914

    Oct 09, 2017 · Austria hungary flagmap by fennomanic austro hungarian empire flag map by austro hungarian empire imperial standards 1914 1915 notated by jacob 1914 1915 notated by jacob Austro Hungarian EmpireAustria Hungary Vector Flag Image In Ai And Eps FormatChange Austro Hungarian Flag Battlefield OneAustria Hungary PoppyAustria Hungary War Flag 1914 Hd PngAustria Hungary Flag Map By…

  2. File:Austria-Hungary-flag-1869-1914-naval-1786-1869-merchant ... › wiki › File:Austria-Hungary-flag

    DescriptionAustria-Hungary-flag-1869-1914-naval-1786-1869-merchant.svg English: Merchant Ensign of Austria-Hungaryfrom 1786 until 1869 and Naval and War Ensign of Austria-Hungary from 1786 until 1915 (de jure, de factountil 1918)

  3. Austrian Hungarian Flag 1914 - About Flag Collections › austrian-hungarian-flag-1914

    May 08, 2020 · Austria Hungary War Flag 1914 Hd Png. Austro Hungarian Empire Borders Flag Overlay By. Austria Hungary Poppy. Flag Maps Of Austrian By Dinospain On Deviantart. Austria Hungary Flag Map By Ltangemon On Deviantart. Austria Hungary Flagmap By Fennomanic On Deviantart. Austro Hungarian Naval Rank Flags. Second World War First Allies Of Ii Axis.

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  5. Austria-Hungary - Wikipedia › wiki › Austria-Hungary

    Austria-Hungary, often referred to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the Dual Monarchy, was a constitutional monarchy and great power in Central Europe between 1867 and 1918. [6] [7] It was formed with the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and was dissolved following its defeat in the First World War .

  6. Austro-Hungarian Empire - Central Powers | NZHistory, New ... › war › austria-hungary-facts
    • General Facts
    • Government
    • Participation in The War
    • Military Forces
    Population:48.5 million (1914)
    Capital:Vienna (1914 population 2 million)
    Head of State:
    Head of Government:
    Entered the war:28 July 1914 (Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia)
    Ceased hostilities:4 November 1918 (armistice with the Allies)
    Ended belligerentstatus:10 September 1919 (Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye signed between the Allies and the newly formed Republic of Austria); 4 June 1920 (Treaty of Trianon signed between the All...


    1. Peacetime strength 1914: 415,000 2. Reserves 1914: 1.4 million 3. Full mobilisation 1914: 1.8 million 4. Total mobilised during the war: 8 million


    1. Peacetime strength 1914: 20,000


    1. Battleships (Dreadnoughts): 3 2. Battleships (pre-Dreadnoughts): 12 3. Cruisers: 3 4. Light cruisers: 4 5. Destroyers: 18 6. Submarines: 14

  7. The version more familiar was the joint naval ensign which has crowned shields for Austria and Hungary on it. On June 28, 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, by a "Young Bosnia" assassination team trained in Serbia led to a declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary.

  8. Austro-Hungarian Navy - Wikipedia › wiki › Austro-Hungarian_Navy

    Following Austria's defeat by Prussia and Italy during the Seven Weeks War, the Empire reformed itself into a dual monarchy with the Habsburg monarch ruling as Emperor of Austria over the western and northern half of the country that was the Austrian Empire, and as King of Hungary over the Kingdom of Hungary. The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of ...

    • The Naval Section of the War Ministry
    • Austria (1786–1867), Austria-Hungary (1867–1918)
  9. Category:SVG historical flags of Austria - Wikimedia Commons › wiki › Category:SVG

    Mar 29, 2020 · Civil ensign of Austria-Hungary (1786-1869).svg 648 × 432; 47 KB Fatherland Front of Austria (no chevron).svg 900 × 600; 4 KB Flag of Archduchy of Austria (1894 - 1918).svg 900 × 600; 25 KB

  10. Austria-Hungary | Central Victory Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Austria-Hungary

    The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1914. Austria-Hungary, also known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire and by other names, was a constitutional union of the Empire of Austria and the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary that existed from 1867 to 1920, when it exstensively reformed as a result of World War I. The union was a result of the Compromise of 1867.

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