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    The Austronesian languages (/ ˌ ɒ s t r oʊ ˈ n iː ʒ ən /, / ˌ ɒ s t r ə /, / ˌ ɔː s t r oʊ-/, / ˌ ɔː s t r ə-/) are a language family, widely spoken throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, Madagascar, the islands of the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan (by Taiwanese aborigines).

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    Places where Austronesian languages are spoken are colored pink. The Austronesian languages are a language family. They were originally spoken in Southeast Asia and on islands in the Pacific Ocean. List of Austronesian languages

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    The Austronesian peoples, also sometimes referred to as the Austronesian-speaking peoples, are a large group of various peoples in Taiwan (collectively known as Taiwanese indigenous peoples), Maritime Southeast Asia, Oceania and Madagascar that speak the Austronesian languages.

    • c. 260.6 million (2016)
    • c. 19.2 million (2017)
    • c. 24 million (2016)
    • c. 100.9 million (2015)
  5. List of major and official Austronesian languages - Wikipedia

    This is a list of major and official Austronesian languages, a language family originating from Taiwan, that is widely dispersed throughout the islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with a few members spoken on continental Asia and Madagascar

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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Austronesian languages.: Pages in category "Austronesian languages" The following 25 pages are in this category, out of 25 total.

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    Most of the languages of Melanesia are members of the Austronesian language family or one of the numerous Papuan languages, which is a geographical term covering many separate language families. By one count, there are 1,319 languages in Melanesia, scattered across a small amount of land.

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    The Austronesian languages of Melanesia are often found closely interspersed with an older population of non-Austronesian languages, collectively known as Papuan. With few exceptions the Austronesian languages of Melanesia tend to be spoken in coastal areas and on small offshore islands.

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    Austronesian language synonyms, Austronesian language pronunciation, Austronesian language translation, English dictionary definition of Austronesian language. Noun 1. Austronesian language - the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia Austronesian natural language, tongue - a...

  10. Austronesian synonyms, Austronesian pronunciation, Austronesian translation, English dictionary definition of Austronesian. adj. Of or relating to Austronesia or its peoples, languages, or cultures. n.

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