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    Typological characteristics Phonology. The Austronesian languages overall possess phoneme inventories which are smaller than the world average. Around 90% of the Austronesian languages have inventories of 19-25 sounds (15-20 consonants and 4-5 vowels), thus lying at the lower end of the global typical range of 20-37 sounds.

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    The Austronesian languages are a language family. They were originally spoken in Southeast Asia and on islands in the Pacific Ocean. List of Austronesian languages. Anus; Indonesian; Fijian; Hawaiian; Javanese; Malay; Māori; Tagalog; Tuvaluan

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    Sino-Austronesian or Sino-Tibetan-Austronesian is a proposed language family suggested by Laurent Sagart in 1990. Using reconstructions of Old Chinese, Sagart argued that the Austronesian languages are related to the Sinitic languages phonologically, lexically and morphologically.

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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Austronesian languages.: Pages in category "Austronesian languages" The following 25 pages are in this category, out of 25 total.

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    Bola, or Bakovi, is an Oceanic language of West New Britain in Papua New Guinea. The Harua (Xarua) dialect developed on a palm plantation. The Harua (Xarua) dialect developed on a palm plantation. Contents

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    Austronesian peoples is a term referring to people that live in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Madagascar, who are speakers of the Austronesian languages. They are thought to have originally come from the indigenous peoples of Taiwan .

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    Austronesian languages (Malayo-Polynesian) Family that includes Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Malagasy, and numerous other languages spoken in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

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    Major languages. Major Austronesian languages include Cebuano, Tagalog, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Bicol, Waray-Waray, Kapampangan, and Pangasinan of the Philippines; Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, Minangkabau, the Batak languages, Acehnese, Balinese, and Buginese of western Indonesia; and Malagasy of Madagascar. Each of these languages has more than one million speakers.

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