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  1. An automated manual transmission may include a fully automatic mode where the driver does not need to change gears at all. These transmissions can be described as a standard manual transmission with an automated clutch and automated gear shift control, allowing them to operate in the same manner as traditional automatic transmissions.

  2. Design and operation. Automated manual transmissions can be semi-automatic or fully-automatic in operation. Several different system to automate the clutch and/or shifting have been used over the years, but they will generally use one of the following methods of actuation for the clutch and/or shifting: hydraulic or electro-hydraulic actuation, electro-mechanical, pneumatic, electromagnetic ...

  3. The Multimode Manual Transmission has the following gears: R, N, E, M+, M-. R: R is the reverse gear. It is similar to R in both traditional manual and in fully automatic cars. N: N is the neutral gear. It is similar to N in both traditional manual and full automatic. E: E is the functional equivalent of D in a full automatic.

  4. A sequential manual transmission is unsynchronized, and allows the driver to select either the next gear (e.g. shifting from first gear to second gear) or the previous gear (e.g., shifting from third gear to second gear), operated either via electronic paddle-shifters mounted behind the steering wheel or with a sequential shifter.

  5. An automated guided vehicle (AGV), different from an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), is a portable robot that follows along marked long lines or wires on the floor, or uses radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. They are most often used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a large industrial ...

  6. An automated analyser is a medical laboratory instrument designed to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance. These measured properties of blood and other fluids may be useful in the diagnosis of disease.

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    The Manumatic was installed in cars with a manual transmission, allowing them to be driven without needing to use a clutch pedal. According to the modern use of the term it would be classified as an automated manual transmission and not as a manumatic transmission.

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