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    • America's Car Museum | Tacoma, Washington. MORE INFO. Car and Driver. Home to the LeMay collection, which once contained an astounding 3000 vehicles, America's Car Museum lies south of Seattle in Tacoma.
    • Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum | Leeds, Alabama. MORE INFO. Car and Driver. Motorcycle aficionado, get thyself to Leeds, Alabama, conveniently located outside Birmingham.
    • Blackhawk Museum | Danville, California. MORE INFO. Car and Driver. Blackhawk is perhaps best known outside the Bay Area as the place where a down-on-his-luck Tim Armstrong picked up donated microwaves and refrigerators before his band Rancid found success with "Salvation," a song detailing his time manning a Salvation Army truck.
    • The Brumos Collection | Jacksonville, Florida. MORE INFO. Marc Urbano|Car and Driver. Porsche and racing go together like Bitcoin and volatility. While the latter combo doesn't have its own dedicated museum (though arguably it should) the former does, and it's worth the cost of admission.
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    • The Revs Institute - Naples, Florida. The Collier Collection at the Revs Institute is one of the finest assemblies of classic race cars in the US. Its Porsche collection is especially great, if you're a fan of the automaker's 1960s and 1970s sports cars.
    • America's Car Museum - Tacoma, Washington. America's Car Museum houses a collection of around 250 mostly US cars in a beautiful building in Tacoma, Washington.
    • Petersen Automotive Museum – Los Angeles, Califrnia. The recently reopened Petersen Museum might just be the premiere automotive museum in the U.S. It's probably the only place in the world where you can see both a Toyota 2000GT and the Ferrari 308 from Magnum P.I.
    • Antique Automobile Club of America Museum – Hershey, Pennsylvania. This Hershey, Pennsylvania museum claims to have the most extensive Tucker collection in the world.
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  3. Search Museums by state on the Ultimate Automotive Museum Guide featuring America's car, truck, motorcycle, air, and transportation museums. Facebook Instagram Home Museums by Region Museums by Region Canada Central Northeast Southern Western Museums by State Specialty Specialty Air Museums Bus, Rv, Big Rig Museums Military Museums

    • America’s Car Museum – Tacoma, Washington
    • Lane Motor Museum – Nashville, Tennessee
    • Mullin Automotive Museum – Oxnard, California
    • Petersen Automotive Museum – Los Angeles, California
    • Revs Institute – Naples, Florida
    • Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    America’s Car Museumis home to the LeMay car collection. At one time, the collection contained over 3,000 cars. Today, the display is much more manageable, with 250 vehicles on display and another 100 on loan from various collectors. American cars are the collection’s focus, and you’ll find everything from a gorgeousDuesenbergSJ to a lifesize Flint...

    If you’re interested in the smallest and most unique automobiles in motoring history, the Lane Motor Museumis the place to be. Offbeat would be an understatement, but the collection of micro-cars and automotive oddities are fascinating. From the tiny Peel P50to the crazy propeller-powered 1932 Helicron, the Lane Museum has some of the most interest...

    The Mullin Automotive Museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of art-deco-era automobiles. The stunning collection includes a Talbot-Lago Type 150-CS, a Bugatti Type 57SC, and a Delahaye 135M. These cars represent an amazing era in car design and are some of the most valuable cars in the world. In the case of the Bugatti Type 57SC, it i...

    The Petersen Automotive Museummay be the most famous car museum in the United States. Founded in 1994, the building itself is just as big a draw as the cars within. The main exhibits rotate regularly and feature everything from movie cars to supercars to rare and significant racing cars. One of the most famous cars housed within the walls is the 19...

    The Revs Instituteis a nonprofit organization specializing in automobile history, research, and education. It also houses the Miles Collier Collection, a selection of 100 significant cars built from 1896 to 1995. Within the walls of the museum, you’ll find a 1995 McLaren F1road car, Dan Gurney’s 1967 F1 car, numerous historic Porsche race cars, a 1...

    The Simeone Museumwas founded by Frederick Simeone, a neurosurgeon and native of Philadelphia. The collection started with four cars that were inherited after his father’s death. The collection now has about 75 racing and sports cars, all of which have significant racing history. Within the collection are some genuinely astonishing vehicles. A 1964...

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  4. There are automobile museums in almost every state in the USA, often run by foundations or associations, possibly supported by the cities where they are established. At the origin of these museums, we often find a collection gathered at the beginning by a passionate collector.

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