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    Avatar: The Last Airbender was a ratings success and widely acclaimed by critics and audiences, who lauded its characters, cultural references, art direction, soundtrack, humor, and themes. These include concepts rarely touched on in youth entertainment, such as war, genocide, imperialism, totalitarianism, and free choice.

  2. Recreating Avatar: The Last Airbender In Animal Crossing: New ... › recreating-avatar-the-last-air

    4 days ago · “Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.” Despite closing the final chapter of its journey in 2008, Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender continues to age well, with the above introduction becoming one of the most iconic opening lines in pop culture today.

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    6 days ago · Overview. In The Last Airbender, a fictional universe composed of four sovereign nations, some people are "benders" and can control air, fire, earth or water.Only the Avatar—a being who represents the bridge between the physical and spirit worlds—can master all four elements and thus bring balance to the land, but has been missing for the past 100 years.

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  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender announces new "series," but it's ... › 2021/04/20 › avatar-last-air

    3 days ago · Last week, the official Avatar: The Last Airbender YouTube channel revealed that “a new, original series” was on the way as soon as April 24. Fans came out in droves to share their excitement ...

  6. List of Source Heroes | Fire Emblem Heroes|Game8 › games › fire-emblem-heroes

    6 days ago · This page lists all of the source heroes for each skill in the game Fire Emblem Heroes. Here you can see which hero has a certain skill, and at what rarity they can learn or transfer it another unit. This guide is best used when doing Inherit Skill.

  7. 4 days ago · Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock!Use your balloon-bustin’ skillz to outsmart the pigs and save birds in over 1000 egg-celent...

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    4 days ago · Designed focusing on dressing up, with high image quality and interesting game-play. Bringing stereoscopic gaming experience to you. The protagonist Nikki will embark on a magical journey across seven nations with different designing styles, and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries.

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    3 days ago · The free play is the amount of movement that the steering wheel can turn before it begins to affect the tires of the car. The play itself exists only because of the more utilitarian structures of the driving-system: the drive shaft, axles, wheels, etc. 6

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    Most IDs are predefined and can be found on the ID page. Species, Leader, Empire and Pop IDs however are defined when the game is created and have to be found with the debugtooltipcommand. 1. Species IDs can be read by hovering over a species in the Species menu. If a modded starting system was not used the player's species will always be 0 for the main species and 1 for the syncretic/cyborg/bio-trophy species. 2. Leader IDs can be read by hovering over a leader in the Leaders or Empire menus. If a modded starting system was not used the player's starting leaders will always be 0 (ruler), 1 (governor) and 2-5 (scientists). 3. Empire IDs can be read by hovering over an empire's flag in the Contacts menu or its borders on the galaxy map. If a modded starting system was not used the player's empire will always be 0. 4. Pop IDs can be read by hovering over a Pop in the planet Population tab.

    Cheats are console commands that can be used to give unfair advantages as opposed to sole testing purposes.

    TweakerGUI commands are a specific sub-set of commands that spawn UI elements for toggling of commands preventing the need for re-opening the console and typing out the command again.
    All commands in this sub-set 'must' start with tweakergui.

    These commands were marked as REMOVEDin this Wiki, if any of these commands are in fact functional in-game, move them to back to the main list.

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