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  1. In February, Finland experiences a range of weather conditions, with very cold temperatures and moderate precipitation. February falls during the winter season. The average maximum temperatures are very cold and range from -8°C (18°F) in Kilpisjärvi to 1°C (35°F) in Mariehamn.

  2. More Average weather in february in Helsinki very bad weather 449.5cm Weather at 6am 25°F Snow showers 47% of time 16% 14% 9% Weather at 12pm 29°F Snow showers 50% of time 15%

  3. Sep 13, 2022 · February is the last official month of winter in Finland, but in reality, it's right in the middle of the coldest season. Temperatures vary across the country, with the south (including Helsinki) a bit warmer than the north, some of which fall in the Arctic Circle.

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  5. The average low during February is a cold -10°C. Though the weather will warm slightly toward the end of the month as a warmer March approaches, visitors should plan on cold days and pack warmly. The sea temperature is also at its , remaining at 0° throughout the month, and it won't begin to warm up until May. Pericipitation

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  6. When you travel to Finland in February you can expect: every once in a while rain, as a rule snow, from time to time fog The range of average daytime temperatures are around -1℃ 30℉ and 4℃ 39℉. Usually fourth week is the hottest in February. , make sure you remember that you may find on Fog, Snow and Rain.

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