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  1. From May to October in Las Vegas, nighttime temperatures remain above 50 °F. In July and ...

    • November

      The sun's rays reach the ground in Las Vegas during 81...

    • May

      The sun's rays reach the ground in Las Vegas during 88...

    • September

      The sun's rays reach the ground in Las Vegas during 91...

    • December

      The sun's rays reach the ground in Las Vegas during 78...

    • October

      The sun's rays reach the ground in Las Vegas during 87...

  2. Feb 24, 2013 · The cool season lasts for 3.2 months, from November 19 to February 24, with an average daily high temperature below 66°F. The coldest month of the year in Las Vegas is December, with an average low of 39°F and high of 58°F.

  3. Jan 5, 2023 · Average High Temperature in 2020: 92.2 Degrees. Average Low Temperature in 2020: 69.2 Degrees. Weather in Las Vegas really starts to hit its summer stride in May with average high temperatures of 92.2 degrees in 2020. Those high temperatures fell into a range from the low 80’s all the way up to 108 degrees.

  4. Nov 21, 2018 · Average Monthly Temperatures in Las Vegas. Temperatures. Precipitation. Month. Avg Low. ...

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    • January Temperatures in Vegas
    • February Temperatures in Vegas
    • March Temperatures in Vegas
    • April Temperatures in Vegas
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    • June Temperatures in Vegas
    • July Temperatures in Vegas
    • August Temperatures in Vegas
    • September Temperatures in Vegas
    • October Temperatures in Vegas

    Like most other places in the Northern Hemisphere, January is the coldest. The average daily high temperatures in Las Vegas are about 59 °F (15 °C), and the average low temperatures are 39 °F (3.9°C)(source). It can be quite cold in the morning (occasionally slightly below freezing) and warm up so much during the day you will need to start shedding...

    February is a bit warmer than January, with average daily high temperatures of 64 °F (17.71 °C) and average low temperatures of 44 °F (6.6 °C). Temperatures gradually increase throughout the month. Things to keep in mind if you’re going to Vegas in February: 1. Rains are rare in February. 2. Snowflakes are unlikely. 3. February is not too busy apar...

    March is the best month to visit Vegas if you want warm sunny weather but want to avoid the scorching heat. You can even swim in Marchif there’s enough sunshine or if it’s a heated pool. Average daily highs for the month are 72 °F (22 °C), and average lows are about 50 °F (10 °C). Humidity levels are low, and rainfall is rare. Overcast days are pos...

    April weather in Vegas is fantastic; it’s not too cold and not too hot, and you can comfortably do anything outdoors. Although this is the first real spring month, it may feel like the summer that you’re used to back home, depending on where you live. April temperatures range between 76-84 °F (24-29 °C). Mornings and evenings are cooler, and it rar...

    May is another fantastic time to visit Vegas. May is deemed spring in most places in the US, although in Vegas, it’s starting to feel like summer. The average daily temperature for this month is 90 °F (32 °C). Days are pleasantly sunny and rarely overcast. Do not expect any rainfall in May, and humidity is very low. Most pools are open throughout M...

    This is one of the driest months in Vegas. It features the following: 1. Humidity is around or under 15%. 2. Average temperatures range between 94-103 °F (34-39 °C). These temperatures increase gradually throughout the month and may get as high as 105 °F (41 °C) by the end of the month. There’s plenty of activity in Vegas, and pools are open throug...

    July is the hottest month in Vegas, with average temperatures exceeding 103°F (39 °C) almost every day. The average daily temperature for the month is 104°F (40 °C). Other things to keep in mind: 1. Expect extreme heat starting at 11 AM until around 5 PM. 2. Humidity is very low, and rainfall is rare. Many visitors find the dry July heat too harsh ...

    August is a scorching month in Vegas. Average daily temperatures are about103 °F (39 °C). Some visitors find the August desert heat in Vegas too harsh to manage. However, you should plan your days to avoid spending time outdoors in the afternoons and evenings when it gets uncomfortably hot. Consider packing only light clothing for your August trip ...

    Vegas temperatures slightly cool off in mid-September, but it’s still hot. Average daily temperatures range between 89-99 °F (32-37 °C). Humidity is low, and rainfall is rare. September is a busy month in Vegas, with plenty of activities and millions of visitors. Light clothing is recommended for the month. September is one of the best months of th...

    October temperatures in Vegas are warm — the average daily temperatures range between 70 – 8f °F (21-29°C). Sunshine hours are still plentiful in October, rainfall is rare, and humidity is still low. The summer crowds have dissipated, and hotel rates are favorable(TripAdvisor). Light clothing for the day and heavier jackets and jeans for the cooler...

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  5. Average Number Of Days With Thunderstorms. Greatest and Least Number Of Thunderstorm Days. Number Of Days With A Thunderstorm At Las Vegas By Month And Year . Wind. Mean Average Wind Speed And Windiest Months. Average Wind Speed At Las Vegas By Month And Year. Highest Sustained Winds And Highest Gusts

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