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  2. Away from Her movie review & film summary (2006) | Roger Ebert

    Oct 11, 2007 · "Away From Her" is the fifth film I’ve seen about Alzheimer’s in these opening years of the century, and the best, although only one of them has been disappointing. Using sympathy and tenderness for its characters, “Away From Her” tells the story of a marriage that drifts out of the memory of the wife, and of the husband’s efforts to ...

  3. Away From Her (2007) - Rotten Tomatoes

    Away From Her Critics Consensus. An accomplished directorial debut by Sarah Polley, Away From Her is a touching exploration of the effects of Alzheimer's, in which the tender wisdom of Polley's ...

    • (145)
    • drama
    • PG-13
  4. Away From Her - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

    Christie is brilliant as steely but brittle Fiona, a woman who knows her mind completely and yet, in the end, cannot hang on to it, while Pinsent eloquently portrays the gradual ebbing away of a ...

  5. Away from Her Movie Review - Common Sense Media

    Away From Her (based on Alice Munro's short story "The Bear Came Over the Mountain") is a beautiful movie. It's not just about the wreckage of a disease: It's also a spot-on meditation on marriage -- the sins forgiven but not forgotten and the transformative power of enduring love.

  6. Away from Her Reviews - Metacritic

    Away from Her movie reviews & Metacritic score: This beautiful yet unconventional story of a couple coming to grips with the onset of memory loss is adapted from celebrated author Alice Munro's short story "T...

    • (36)
    • Sarah Polley
    • PG-13
    • Gordon Pinsent, Julie Christie
  7. Away From Her - Plugged In

    The title, Away From Her, references Grant’s feelings about Fiona on the day she proposed marriage to him: “I took her up on it. I never wanted to be away from her. She had the spark of life.” And for the most part, the film is a tale of marital love and the depth of feeling and commitment that grows out of decades of togetherness.

  8. Away from Her (2006) - User Reviews - IMDb

    Julie Christie, for whom the lead role was written, exudes dynamic good looks and the vibrancy of a young woman, bathed in such warmth and passion of years. When she asks Grant to make love to her before leaving, there is an urgency and scintillating sexiness about her. Away From Her sparkles as we watch Grant walk his emotional tight-rope.

  9. Customer reviews: Away from Her

    The pacing of the movie works perfectly, so that when it slows, it is to inform the audience of patience, love, time, pain and endurance. There is no scene, or scenery, that does not contribute to your understanding of what the movie has to say. Her husband is stoic and patient and loving but with flaws deftly described in brief effective scenes.

  10. Away from Her (2006) - IMDb

    May 25, 2007 · Directed by Sarah Polley. With Julie Christie, Michael Murphy, Gordon Pinsent, Stacey LaBerge. A man coping with the institutionalization of his wife because of Alzheimer's disease faces an epiphany when she transfers her affections to another man, Aubrey, a wheelchair-bound mute who also is a patient at the nursing home.

    • (21.2K)
    • Sarah Polley
    • PG-13
  11. Essay about Away From Her - A Film Review - 2035 Words

    Nov 25, 2008 · Essay about Away From Her Movie Review  Away From Her (2006) Alzheimer is the most common cause of dementia, characterized by gradual deterioration of memory and the personality and marked by the formation of plaques of beta-amyloid and tangles of tau protein in the brain.