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  2. c. : an image that displays on a computer screen underneath the various available icons and windows. using a family photograph as her computer background. 2. : an inconspicuous position. shy people who try to stay in the background. 3. a. : the conditions that form the setting within which something is experienced.

  3. Browse our beautiful selection of free background images–all submitted by our community of talented contributors and completely free to download and use. Popular categories Animal backgrounds App backgrounds Art backgrounds Color backgrounds Cool backgrounds Cute backgrounds Desktop backgrounds Event backgrounds Phone backgrounds Nature backgrounds

  4. Definition of background 1 as in backdrop the physical conditions or features that form the setting against which something is viewed they got married on a mountain top with the sunset as background Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance backdrop scene scenery ground stage environment setting surroundings set milieu mise-en-scène entourage

  5. Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Background. In the list next to Personalize your background , select Picture , Solid color , or Slideshow . Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Background .

  6. Definition of background noun the ground or parts, as of a scene, situated in the rear (opposed to foreground ). Fine Arts. the part of a painted or carved surface against which represented objects and forms are perceived or depicted: a portrait against a purple background.

  7. Removing a background from an image made fast and free. It takes just a few seconds to use the Adobe Express free background remover. Simply upload your image, including JPG or PNG format, and the background remover tool will automatically get rid of the background. Instantly download your image with a transparent background in PNG format.

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