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    • 10 Things You May Not Know About Christopher Columbus

      • Columbus didn’t set out to prove the earth was round.
      • Columbus was likely not the first European to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
      • Three countries refused to back Columbus’ voyage.
      • Nina and Pinta were not the actual names of two of Columbus’ three ships.
      • The Santa Maria wrecked on Columbus’ historic voyage.
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  2. Was Christopher Columbus a Hero or Villain? - Biography

    Oct 08, 2019 ·

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    • Columbus never discovered America. Even if you were to overlook the not-so-minor fact that millions of people were already living in North America in 1492, the fact is that Columbus never set foot on our shores.
    • ... but his voyage was no less courageous. He may never have reached Asia as planned, but one cannot discount the sheer will required to make his journey.
    • Many already believed the world was round. By 1492, most educated Europeans already believed the earth was round. In fact, it was an idea that had been established by the Ancient Greeks in the 5th Century BC.
    • He had struck a lucrative deal with the Spanish. Columbus stood to gain significant wealth and power from his voyage, terms he negotiated with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.
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    Jul 19, 2019 · When it comes to Christopher Columbus, most famous of the explorers of the Age of Discovery, it's hard to separate truth from myth, and fact from legend.Here are ten things that maybe you didn't already know about Christopher Columbus and his four legendary voyages.

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    The explorer Christopher Columbus made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain: in 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502. His most famous was his first voyage, commanding the ships the Nina, the ...

  5. Negative Thing About Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus got the name that he has today mainly due to the fact he was at the right place during the right time. This was the main reason behind the fact that he had most of the power. There are writings and sources that specify different things about his personality and there are some which indicate that he was a greedy man.

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    Christopher Columbus Facts. Christopher Columbus is often thought of, and celebrated, for the discovery of America. He is often remembered as a brave hero, who went in search of a new world. The truth, however, is a bit different than the legend would suggest. Read on to discover who Columbus really was. Quick Facts

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    Oct 09, 2017 · For the most part, these Christopher Columbus facts are true. Columbus did sail from Europe to the Americas, and once he got there, he was a ruthless leader, driven by greed and a pirate-like mentality. But there is still considerable misinformation about his first and subsequent voyages that keep the myths about his voyage alive.

  8. Apr 02, 2018 · The line would prove to be some of the only truth told to students about Christopher Columbus and the nature of his explorations into the New World. ... Christopher Columbus Biography: Bad ...

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  9. 5 Facts You Might Not Know about Christopher Columbus
    • Christopher Columbus introduced slave trade to the Americas. Though the buying and selling of slaves was common in other parts of the world, to our knowledge it was not practiced in the Americas until Columbus brought it to the Caribbean.
    • Christopher Columbus was arrested, stripped of his titles, replaced as Governor, and failed every task he set out to accomplish. We already know that Columbus never sought to discover a new continent – so that was a surprise bonus.
    • The “Columbian Exchange” brought new culture (and new disease) to both continents. Columbus set in motion a huge intercontinental exchange of foods, goods, culture, and deadly diseases, through his voyages to and from the Caribbean.
    • Christopher Columbus was a product of his time. It may be difficult for modern Christians to understand many of the actions and motivations of a man like Columbus, who claimed to be a Christian and hailed from an incredibly religious culture of origin.
  10. What bad things did Christopher Columbus do? - Quora

    The Colombian Exchange, the transfer of animals, foods and diseases, can not be entirely blamed on Columbus. Any European could have given the Native American smallpox.

  11. Christopher Columbus Evil? | twodayslate

    Mar 04, 2007 · Christopher Columbus is known in the United States of America to be the founder of the Americas. We celebrate him in October but, in fact, he did not go onto the mainland (United States) until his third voyage in 1498.