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  1. Baden-Württemberg - Wikipedia

    The state parliament of Baden-Württemberg is the Landtag (Eng. state assembly).. Baden-Württemberg Cabinet; The politics of Baden-Württemberg have traditionally been dominated by the conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), who until 2011 had led all but one government since the establishment of the state in 1952.

    • 35,751.46 km² (13,803.72 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. Baden-Württemberg - Wikipedia

    Baden-Württemberg (German pronunciation: [ˈbaːdən ˈvʏɐ̯təmˌbɛɐ̯k]) is ane o the 16 states o Germany. Baden-Württemberg is in the soothwastren pairt o the kintra tae the east o the Upper Rhine, an is the third lairgest in baith aurie an population o Germany's saxteen states, wi an aurie o 35,742 square kilometres (13,800 sq mi) an 10.7 million indwallers.

    • Coat o airms
    • (Greens)
  3. Baden-Württemberg - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Baden-Württemberg is a federal state in Germany.It has an area of 35 752 km² and nearly 11 million people. The capital is Stuttgart.The Minister President is Winfried Kretschmann of the (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen).

    • 35,751.46 km² (13,803.72 sq mi)
    • Germany
    • Stuttgart
    • Winfried Kretschmann (Greens)
  4. Württemberg-Baden - Wikipedia

    All three states were merged and the modern German state of Baden-Württemberg was founded on 25 April 1952. Politics. The only minister-president of Württemberg-Baden was Reinhold Maier (DVP, then FDP; 1946–1952). Maier went on to become the first minister-president of Baden-Württemberg upon its formation in 1952.

    • Post-World War II
  5. Baden-Württemberg – Wikipedia

    Baden-Württemberg ist politisch bürgerlich-konservativ geprägt, die CDU und die FDP/DVP sind in Baden-Württemberg verhältnismäßig stark und haben die meisten Regierungen des Landes gestellt. Aus diesem Grund hatte die SPD dort stets einen schweren Stand; ihre Ergebnisse lagen bislang immer unter dem Bundesdurchschnitt.

    • 35.751,46 km²
    • Deutsch
  6. Kingdom of Württemberg - Wikipediaürttemberg

    The Kingdom of Württemberg (German: Königreich Württemberg [ˌkøːnɪkʁaɪç ˈvʏɐ̯tm̩bɛɐ̯k]) was a German state that existed from 1805 to 1918, located within the area that is now Baden-Württemberg. The kingdom was a continuation of the Duchy of Württemberg, which existed from 1495 to 1805.

  7. History of Baden-Württemberg - Wikipediaürttemberg

    The name Baden-Württemberg was only intended as a temporary name, but ended up the official name of the state because no other name could be agreed upon. In May 1954, the Baden-Württemberg Landtag (legislature) decided on adoption of the following coat of arms : three black lions on a golden shield, framed by a deer and a griffin .

  8. Baden-Württemberg - Wikipedia

    Baden-Württemberg je savezna pokrajina u jugozapadnom dijelu Njemačke.Glavni grad ove države je Stuttgart.. Sa površinom od 35.750 km² i 10,5 miliona stanovnika, Baden-Vürttemberg je treća je po površini i po broju stanovnika među šesnaest njemačkih saveznih država.

  9. Baden-Württemberg – Wikipedia

    Baden-Württemberg (formellt Land Baden-Württemberg) är ett förbundsland i sydvästra Tyskland med 10 673 000 invånare (2014). Förbundslandet bildades 25 april 1952 genom en sammanslagning av delstaterna Südbaden, Württemberg-Baden och Württemberg-Hohenzollern.

  10. Württemberg-Baden - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...ürttemberg-Baden

    In 1952 it joined with Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern to make the state of Baden-Württemberg This page was last changed on 12 April 2018, at 10:41. Text is ...

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