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  1. A. Diatessaron meaning “through the four” - the earliest known harmony of the gospels (172 AD) B. No manuscripts extant today, known through church historian Eusebius and churches in Mesopotamia and Syria C. Ephrem the Syrian (306-373 AD) wrote a commentary on the Diatessaron, the Syriac original of which was discovered in 1957

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    The Rig Veda contains many instances where Danu has a positive meaning indicating abundance or even standing for divine in general. Danucitra, meaning the richness of light, occurs a few times (RV I.174.7; V.59.8). The Maruts are called Jira-danu or plural Jira-danava or quick to give or perhaps fast Danus or fast Gods (RV V.54.9).

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    The present study forms part of a larger lexicographic project and its aim is to describe the English and Spanish Christian terminology from the point of view of its historical background. The most valuable is the precise elaboration of the

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    Zarathushtrians and Hinduism This is an unofficial collection of ideas that throw light on the Avesta and broaden our knowledge using revelation from Oahspe. Many views are not my own, and may not appear be amenable to Oahspe.