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  1. Ever its torn folds rose and fell. On the loyal winds that loved it well; And through the hill-gaps sunset light. Shone over it with a warm good-night. Barbara Frietchie’s work is o’er, And the Rebel rides on his raids no more. Honor to her! and let a tear. Fall, for her sake, on Stonewall’s bier.

  2. Barbara Fritchie (née Hauer) (December 3, 1766 – December 18, 1862), also known as Barbara Frietchie, and sometimes spelled Frietschie, was a Unionist during the Civil War. She became part of American folklore in part from a popular poem by John Greenleaf Whittier .

  3. THE POEM. An American poet and editor, John Greenleaf Whittie r penned the ballad of Barbara Fritchie in 1863 after hearing about the alleged exploit from a friend of his. He used a German variant of her name in the poem, spelling it Frietchie. Such was the enduring fame of the poem that when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the ...

  4. HISTORY. Barbara Fritchie (1766–1862) is a central figure in the history of Frederick, Maryland. A Unionist during the Civil War, she is best known for her folkloric defiance in the face of Confederate troops. As the occupying rebel forces were marching out of Frederick in September 1862, Dame Fritchie, then 95, was said to have waved a Union ...

  5. Nov 15, 2020 · For more than 150 years, the legend of Barbara Fritchie has served as a popular tourism attraction for Frederick. The only question was the truthfulness of her tale. According to an 1863 poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, The Ballad of Barbara Frietchie, the 92-year-old matron rose from her Frederick sickbed and defiantly waved the America flag ...

  6. In Barbara Hauer Frietschie …Atlantic Monthly his verse version, “Barbara Frietchie,” in which the story of Frietschie’s encounter with General Thomas J. (“Stonewall”) Jackson was much elaborated. Whittier’s version quickly became canonical, and the enduring popularity of the poem kept Frietschie’s name alive.

  7. “Barbara Frietchie” is styled as a traditional folk ballad, a compact, rhythmic verse narrative, told impersonally by an omniscient voice, which recounts the courage of common people in a crisis.

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