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  1. Pommerscher Verein Freistadt - History

    1532 -- Pomerania is split into the Duchy of Wolgast for Duke Philipp I and the Duchy of Stettin for Barnim IX. 1534 -- At the Council of Treptow the introduction of the Reformation is to be decided. The departure of the gentry and of the bishop prevent a formal agreement.

  2. Pomeranian Genealogy -- History of Pomerania

    1569 -- Pomeranian Duke Barnim IX resigns from his office and transfers his duchy to his nephew, Duke John Frederick. 1572 -- The Stettin trading house of the Loitz's goes bankrupt. 1573-1618 -- Life-span of Duke Phillip II, the throne's greatest promoter of arts and science.

  3. Timeline 1260-1270 (Interference) | Alternative History | Fandom

    Northern Europe: Upon the death of duke Vartislav III of Demmin, (western) Pomerania is temporarily reunified under Barnim I the Good, a vassal and ally of Nogai Khan of Berestia, then again divided between his heirs. 1265 British Isles: King Simon I convenes the first elected Parliament of England in Westminster, near London. The lesser ...

  4. List of Rulers in the Holy Roman Empire in 1600 | History ...

    Pomerania-Barthe - Bogislaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania-Barthe (1569 - 1606) Pomerania-Rügenwalde - Barnim XII, Duke of Pomerania-Rügenwalde (1569 - 1603) Pomerania-Stettin - John Frederick, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin (1569 - 1600) Pomerania-Wolgast - Philip Julius, Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast (1592 - 1625) Pyrmont - John Louis, Count of Pyrmont ...

  5. Timeline of Szczecin - Wikipedia

    1243 - Szczecin granted Magdeburg city rights by Duke Barnim I the Good. 1273 - Wedding of duke of Poznań and future King of Poland Przemysł II with princess Ludgarda, granddaughter of Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania. 1275 - The city's inhabitants granted the right of free movement in the Principality of Rügen by Slavic Duke of Rügen Vitslav II.

  6. 1600s (decade) - Wikipedia

    September 1 – Barnim X, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin (1569–1603) (b. 1549) September 9 – George Carey, 2nd Baron Hunsdon, English politician (b. 1547) September 19 – Matsudaira Iemoto, Japanese samurai (b. 1548) October – Ralph Lane, English explorer (b. 1530) October 6 – Jakob Monau, Polish writer and linguist (b. 1546)

  7. Pomerania - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Pomerania and Barnim VIII, Duke of Pomerania · See more » Barnim X, Duke of Pomerania. Barnim X, or according to another account Barnim XII (15 February 1549, Wolgast – 1 September 1603, Szczecin) was a duke of Pomerania and a member of the House of Griffins. New!!: Pomerania and Barnim X, Duke of Pomerania · See more »

  8. My Lines - Person Page 398

    4th Duke of Brabant at Holy Roman Empire between 1 February 1248 and 1261. 4 He died in 1261. He was the predecessor of Jean I "le Victorieux", duc de Brabant; 5th Duke of Brabant. 5,4

  9. Szczecin - Blogger

    Ostsiedlung accelerated in Pomerania during the 13th century. [39] Duke Barnim I of Pomerania granted Szczecin a local government charter in 1237, separating the German settlement from the Slavic community settled around the St. Nicholas Church in the neighbourhood of Kessin (Polish: Chyzin). In the charter, the Slavs were put under German ...

  10. List of pirates - Wikipedia

    Barnim VI, Duke of Pomerania: c. 1365–1405: 1394–1405 Germany A Pomeranian duke supporting privateers in the Baltic Sea region and later going on pirate raids himself. Baldassare Cossa: 1370–1415 Procida: Antipope during the Western Schism, John XXIII was accused of—among other crimes—piracy, incest and sodomy. John Crabbe: d. 1352

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