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  1. Barnim XI, Duke of Pomerania - WikiVisually › wiki › Barnim_XI,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    Barnim XI, son of Bogislaw X, Duke of Pomerania, became duke on his father's death in 1523. Barnim ruled for a time in common with his elder brother George I; the earlier years of his rule were troubled by a quarrel with Margrave Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg, who wished to annex Pomerania.

  2. Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania - WikiVisually › wiki › Barnim_I,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    Barnim I the Good from the Griffin dynasty was a Duke of Pomerania from 1220 until his death. Son of Duke Bogislaw II and Miroslawa, daughter of Duke Mestwin I of Pomerelia, he succeeded to the Duchy of Pomerania-Stettin upon his father's death in 1220.

  3. Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania - WikiVisually › wiki › Bogislaw_V,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    Bogislaw V was a Duke of Pomerania.Eldest son of Duke Wartislaw IV and Elisabeth of Lindow-Ruppin, Bogislaw had two brothers, Barnim IV and Wartislaw V; the brothers were joint rulers from their father's death in 1326.

  4. History of Szczecin - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Stettin

    (Its Dukes were Otto I, Barnim III the Great, Casimir III, Swantibor I, Boguslaw VII, Otto II, Casimir V, Joachim I the Younger, Otto III.) In 1478 it became part (and capital) of the reunited Duchy of Pomerania under duke Bogislaw X, and in 1532 it again became the capital of a splinter eponymous duchy.

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    When Duke Barnim XI of Stettin, who had been a student at Wittenberg, and his nephew, Philip of Wolgast, joined the Lutheran party, its victory was assured. A basis for the Lutheran Church of Pomerania was prepared by the Diet at Treptow on the Rega in 1534 with the aid of the rules drawn up by Bugenhagen.

  6. Treaty of Grimnitz - Wikipedia › wiki › Treaty_of_Grimnitz

    The Pomeranian dukes Barnim IX and George I accepted the Electorate of Brandenburg's right of succession in the Duchy of Pomerania if the House of Pomerania died out. [5] [13] The Brandenburgers were to be informed prior to any investiture of the Pomeranian dukes, and were granted the rights to touch the flags the Pomeranians received from the ...

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    House of Pomerania: lt;p|>| The |House of Griffins| or |House of Pomerania| (|German|: ||Greifen||; |Polish|: ||Gryf... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation ...

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    New!!: Uckermark and Barnim · See more » Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania. Barnim I the Good (– 13 November 1278) from the Griffin dynasty was a Duke of Pomerania (ducis Slauorum et Cassubie) from 1220 until his death. New!!: Uckermark and Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania · See more » Bechly. Bechly is a surname. New!!: Uckermark and Bechly · See ...

  9. Pomerania : definition of Pomerania and synonyms of Pomerania ... › Pomerania › en-en

    Pomerania is the area along the Bay of Pomerania of the Baltic Sea between the rivers Recknitz in the west and Vistula in the east. [1] [2] It formerly reached as far south as the Noteć (Netze) and Warta (Warthe) rivers, but since 1250 its southern boundary has been placed further north.

  10. Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania › 2018 › 12

    Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania Born c. 1363–1365 Died c. 1394–1395 Noble family House of Griffins Spouse(s) Maria...