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    Which Civil War battle cost the most lives?

    What battle was the costliest battle in the Civil War?

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    What was the bloodiest US Civil War battle?

  2. Richmond Madison County, KY | Aug 29 - 30, 1862 In August 1862, Maj. Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith’s Army of Kentucky with 6,500 Confederates operated in eastern Kentucky in support of Gen. Braxton Bragg’s invading Army of Mississippi.

  3. The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky, fought August 29–30, 1862, was one of the most complete Confederate victories in the war by Major General Edmund Kirby Smith against Union major general William "Bull" Nelson's forces, which were defending the town. It was the first major battle in the Kentucky Campaign. The battle took place on and around what is now the grounds of the Blue Grass Army Depot, outside Richmond, Kentucky.

  4. Richmond, Virginia served as the capital of the Confederate States of America for almost the whole of the American Civil War. It was a vital source of weapons and supplies for the war effort, and the terminus of five railroads. The Union made many attempts to invade Richmond. In the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, General George McClellan moved up ...

  5. Jan 28, 2020 · Overview of the US Civil War Battle of Richmond. In 1862, Confederate Major General Kirby Smith ordered an offensive into Kentucky. The advance team was led by Brigadier General Patrick R. Cleburne who had his cavalry led by Colonel John S. Scott out front.

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  6. Richmond played an extremely significant part in the Civil War. Not only was it the headquarters of the Confederacy, but the city played a crucial part in executing the Confederacy’s war effort. From industrial centers manufacturing artillery and armaments to field hospitals tending to the wounded, Richmond during the Civil War was a city that took on the challenge of becoming a symbol for the Confederacy.

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