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    BBC Two is a British free-to-air television network and the BBC's second flagship service in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.It covers a wide range of subject matter, but tends to broadcast more "highbrow" programmes than the more mainstream and popular BBC One.

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  2. Timeline of BBC Two - Wikipedia

    25 March – BBC2 shows Two of Us, a gay-themed television film. It was produced as part of the BBC Schools SCENE series, and intended for young adults. It confronted the Thatcherite government's attempt to ban gay sex education in schools via the controversial (and since repealed) section 28 legislation.

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  4. BBC Film - Wikipedia

    BBC Film, formerly BBC Films, is the feature film-making arm of the BBC.It was founded on 18 June 1990, and has produced or co-produced some of the most successful British films of recent years, including Truly, Madly, Deeply, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Quartet, Chef, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Saving Mr. Banks, My Week with Marilyn, Jane Eyre, In the Loop, An Education, StreetDance 3D ...

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    BBC Choice (in Northern Ireland - Scotland - Wales) * BBC Food * BBC HD (UK) * BBC Japan * BBC Kids * BBC Knowledge (UK - International) * BBC Prime * BBC Select * BBC Three (television channel) * BBC TV Europe * BBC World Service Television * BBC 2W * BBC Two Scotland

  6. BBC Two Northern Ireland - Wikipedia

    BBC Two Northern Ireland (Irish: BBC Thuaisceart Éireann a Dó) is a television station operated by BBC Northern Ireland.It is broadcast via digital terrestrial transmitters and from the SES Astra 2E satellite (transponder 48) at the 28.2° East orbital position.

    • 28 October 2006; 13 years ago (digital version)
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    • 11 June 1966; 53 years ago, 30 March 2001; 19 years ago (digital version)
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  7. BBC - Wikipedia

    BBC Two variations exist in the Nations; however, English regions today rarely have the option to opt out as regional programming now only exists on BBC One. BBC Two was also the first channel to be transmitted on 625 lines in 1964, then carry a small-scale regular colour service from 1967. BBC One would follow in November 1969.

  8. BBC Two/1991 Idents (first run) | Logopedia | Fandom

    These are the BBC Two idents from 16th February 1991 until 4th October 1997 As part of an extensive rebrand to cast off BBC2's "highbrow" tone on 16 February 1991, Lambie-Nairn launched a brand new set of idents, featuring a numeral '2', which originally lasted for 10 and a half years until they were replaced in 2001. These are the BBC Two idents from 4th October 1997 until 19th November 2001 ...

  9. BBC Two/Christmas Idents | Television Idents Wiki | Fandom

    These are the BBC Two Christmas idents from December 1967 until the present day. A Perfect Christmas - "the best of the BBC archives from past Christmases, with classic comedy, drama and stars" - went out on Saturday 21 December 1991, on BBC Two. This'theme day' had its own special set of idents.

  10. BBC Two/1986 Idents | Logopedia | Fandom

    These are the BBC Two idents from 30th March 1986 until 16th February 1991. The standard identity symbol featured a stencil 'TWO' logo fading letter by letter from a light grey background, creating increasingly longer shadows. This branding style was replaced on 16th February 1991. BBC Two Idents

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