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  1. List of Burgundian consorts - Wikipedia

    Duchess consort of Burgundy Independent Burgundy (880–1044) Bosonid dynasty (880–956) The first margrave (marchio), later duke (dux), of Burgundy was Richard of the House of Ardennes, whose duchy was created from the merging of several regional counties of the kingdom of Provence which had belonged to his brother Boso.

  2. Beatrice of Portugal (died 1381) - Wikipedia

    Beatrice of Portugal (c. 1347 – 5 July 1381) was Countess of Alburquerque as the wife of Sancho Alfonso of Alburquerque. She was the daughter of Peter I of Portugal and his wife Inês de Castro.

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  4. Beatrice of Albon - Wikipedia

    Béatrice, Countess of Albon and Dauphine of Viennois (1161–1228) was ruling countess and dauphine in 1162–1228, in succession upon the death of her father Guigues V. Seal of Beatrice of Albon She married Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy in 1183 [1] and had three children:

  5. Beatriz of Portugal, Duchess of Viseu - Wikipedia,_Duchess_of_Viseu

    Biography. Due to the Aviz dynasty marriage policy, Beatrice was first cousin and sister-in-law of king Afonso V of Portugal, second cousin and mother-in-law of king John II of Portugal, first cousin and mother-in-law of Ferdinand II, 3rd Duke of Braganza and mother of king Manuel I of Portugal, playing an active role in politics during the consecutive reigns of Afonso V, John II and Manuel I.

  6. Beatrice, Countess of Arundel - Wikipedia,_Countess_of_Arundel

    Beatrice of Portugal, Countess of Arundel Beatrice of Portugal ( Portuguese : Beatriz [bi.ɐˈtɾiʃ] ; 1382 [1] – November 1439 [2] ), LG , was a natural daughter of John I of Portugal and Inês Pires born before the marriage of her father with Philippa of Lancaster . [3]

  7. Mary of Burgundy - Wikipedia

    Mary of Burgundy was born in Brussels at the ducal castle of Coudenberg, to Charles the Bold, then known as the Count of Charolais, and his wife Isabella of Bourbon. Her birth, according to the court chronicler Georges Chastellain , was attended by a clap of thunder ringing from the otherwise clear twilight sky.

  8. Margaret I, Countess of Burgundy - Wikipedia,_Countess_of...

    Margaret I (1310 – 9 May 1382), was a ruling Countess Palatine of Burgundy and Artois from 1361 and 1382. She was also countess of Flanders, Nevers and Rethel by marriage to Louis I, Count of Flanders, and regent of Flanders during the minority of her son Louis II, Count of Flanders in 1346.

  9. Mary of Burgundy, Duchess of Cleves - Wikipedia,_Duchess...

    Mary of Burgundy, Duchess of Cleves (1393 – 30 October 1466) was the second child of John the Fearless and Margaret of Bavaria, and an elder sister of Philip the Good. Born in Dijon, she became the second wife of Adolph, Count of Mark in May 1406.

  10. BEATRICE de BURGUNDY I (1143-1184) » Ancestral Trails 2016 ...

    Notes about BEATRICE de BURGUNDY I Beatrice of Burgundy (1143 - 15 November 1184) was a Sovereign Duchess of Burgundy, and a Holy Roman Empress consort by marriage to Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor. Beatrice was the only surviving child of Renaud III, Count of Burgundy and Agatha of Lorraine.