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  1. MLM. But wait, you can earn an average of $71 a month ! From the income statement (emphasis mine): The total amount of Commissions that a Consultant earns depends on many factors, including the amount of time he or she dedicates to Beautycounter. Consultants determine when and how much they wish to work.

  2. 122 glittersparklythings • 6 mo. ago Yes there was absolutely backlash over that. 38 glowmama02 • 6 mo. ago wait why was there backlash? glittersparklythings • 6 mo. ago Bc beautcounter is a mlm like Mary Kay, Avon, and Monday. Very rarely do the people selling make money off of selling product. They typically make money off of recruiting.

  3. Yes, Beautycounter is an MLM. If you go to Beautycounter’s website and click on the sidebar and scroll down, there’s a link to a page called “Become a Consultant”. I’m not going to link to it, lest someone put in their information. Anyway, that’s the primary red flag for MLMs.

  4. Gregg Renfrew was interviewed on a podcast I listen to, at the time I’d never heard of Beautycounter. I remember thinking she sounded like a really smart, passionate CEO, it wasn’t until maybe the last 10mins of the interview she said something about their “direct selling” model and I was like, hol’ up.

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  5. She replied, telling me that she has been a long-time customer and loves the products, and that she only had to pay $50 to join. I did a little bit of research and couldn't find a whole lot of dirt about Beautycounter specifically. Their income disclosure looks similar to that of other MLMs and they have a $50 annual consultant fee.

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  6. beautycounter? New to this sub, and wondering what people think of beautycounter? It's technically an mlm I think but doesn't appear like a typical mlm and as a skin care enthusiast who hates mlms, I really like their products. 9 11 comments Add a Comment JustNoShab • 1 yr. ago

  7. Cosmetics. [deleted] • 5 yr. ago I will say, Beautycounter is an MLM but my understanding is that you do NOT have to purchase through a consultant. So they use MLM, but they also sell directly. So, you can add products on their website and checkout not using a consultant.

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