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  1. Bee and PuppyCat

    Bee and PuppyCat is an animated series on Cartoon Hangover, created by Natasha Allegri and produced by Frederator Studios. It all started with two shorts in the Too Cool! Cartoons series, an incubator project that was meant to introduce original characters and animation creators.

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    Bee and PuppyCat is an American animated web series created and written by Natasha Allegri and directed by Larry Leichliter. The series revolves around Bee (voiced by Allyn Rachel), an unemployed woman in her early twenties, who encounters a mysterious creature named PuppyCat (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver).

    • July 11, 2013 –, present
    • YouTube (season 1), Netflix (season 2)
  3. Bee and PuppyCat (TV Series 2013– ) - IMDb › title › tt4163486

    Jul 11, 2013 · Bee, an unemployed woman is living a normal life, until a grumpy companion named PuppyCat arrives. Follow Bee and and PuppyCat as they travel between reality and "Fishbowl Space".

    • (1.5K)
    • TV-PG
  4. Bee, a reluctant hero, becomes entangled in the adventures of a puppy (…or is he a cat?) as they travel between reality and the void of Fishbowl Space. Creat...

    • 66 min
    • 9.8M
    • Cartoon Hangover
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  6. Bee | Bee And PuppyCat Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Bee
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    Bee grew up on an island with her father, and at some point, she became friends with Deckard. At the age of twenty-two, she lives alone in a small apartment and has a hard time keeping a job for long. One night while walking home in the rain after being laid off yet again, PuppyCat falls from the sky and hits her in the head, knocking her over. Taking the cat (or maybe a dog) with her to her home, they sat down to eat a casserole that Bee's friend Deckard had brought her.The next morning Bee...

    Bee is spacey-casey and impulsive, she often acts without thinking which leads to her getting into trouble. She is shown to be very kind, and didn't hesitate to bring PuppyCat home when he first landed on her and used her money to buy Deckard a casserole after he bought her one.She doesn't give up easily; even though she has no skills or magic of her own, she does what she can to win fights and help her friends.She places her loyalty to those she considers friends very quickly. When PuppyCat...

    Bee has light skin, dark eyes, and long, thick, light brown hair. She has a soft round face and curvy body. Her outfit in the pilot consists of a yellow sweater with a peter pan collar and a bee on it, pink shorts, and brown shoes with pink ribbon laces. In \\"Beach\\", it's shown that she tans easily.In Food onwards, she wears a pink skirt with pockets and brown shoes and mismatched socks And she looks younger than her appearance in the pilot.While dreaming, she has a long blue dress and purple...

    Bee is said to have no noticeable skills and has yet to pass any formal education after high school.

    Her father used to own an arcade that Bee would frequently enjoy. Not much is known about Bee's relationship with her father, and it is implied that he may have passed away. Bee seems to have fond memories of him and it seems they were close. He also left Bee the mysterious \\"Dad Box\\", which gives her candy every year on her birthday and (spoiler alert) which she uses to repair her arm at the end of \\"Donut\\".

    1. (To Deckard) \\"Too bad I can't make a career out of getting fired, right? I'd be like, a CEO or a manager. Which one's more impressive? ...President?\\" 2. (To the Temporary Agent) \\"You took too long, now your candy's gone... that's what happens... Bu-kow!\\" 3. (To the Bath-House Cats)\\"Just lick me, you jerks!\\" 4. (To PuppyCat) \\"Whaa, I don't wanna work on my birthday.\\" 5. (To her father) \\"Dad, I know I'm an adult now but, I haven't had a good birthday since you've been gone till today. I usu...

    1. Bee and PuppyCat Part 1 2. Bee and PuppyCat Part 2 3. Food 4. Farmer 5. Beach 6. Cats 7. Birthday 8. Game 9. Toast 10. Dogs 11. Wedding 12. Donut

    1. There were some clues of Bee being revealed to be a robot in some episodes: 2. In the Pilot, PuppyCat scratched one of Bee's arm which there were ribbons inside on one of her dreams 3. In Food, When Bee was going to grab PuppyCat in a pool of water in her dream, she gets electrified. 4. In Beach, PuppyCat asks her if she wants to swim but she refuses and insists that she doesn't like water. 5. In Cats, The bath house cats were going to dump her into the water but she refuses and comforts...

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    PuppyCat came into Bee's life under strange circumstances. After she takes him in, he decides to help her by letting her come along on his job to make some quick money.PuppyCat is also the Space Outlaw mentioned in PuppyCat's story, which is hinted at during the second part of the pilot when Wallace turned into a monster and stated \\"I knew it was you, pretending it was just a fairytale, lying to children making them look up to a hero, who, in reality, is just an awful monster...\\"It's hinted a...

    PuppyCat is secretive and aloof. He considers himself a figure of high status, once referring to a ladybug as his \\"peon\\" and calling Deckard a peasant, ordering him to pick up his groceries. Furthermore, he considers himself to be \\"cool\\", which he expresses when buying a leather jacket and several weapons.He can be cold and mean, as seen in \\"Food\\", where he repeatedly ruins Bee's and Deckard's cooking. However, he does this by pushing objects from cupboards, etc., a behavior cats are known to...

    PuppyCat looks like an ordinary cat with some minor differences. He has a cat-like body with a dog-like tail. He has a mostly white body with beige ears, thick beige eyebrows, a beige tipped tail, and beige paws. He also wears a pink collar with a yellow bell. According to Bee, PuppyCat smells like and has the tail of a dog but the appearance of a cat. He has no visible butt in \\"Beach\\", but he is shown to have a butt when he strikes a pose in \\"Cats\\".At the end of \\"Bee and PuppyCat Part 2\\" his...

    The bell on PuppyCat's collar acts like a mailbox for him and Bee. It can teleport temp jobs for him and his partner to work on. It also seems to act like a database, unless he is required to. He can also use this ability at will.

    Bee and PuppyCat are co-workers, roommates, and friends. PuppyCat fell from the sky and landed on Bee's head, and the two have been together since and are rarely seen apart. Bee considers herself his owner but PuppyCat is quick to disagree with her, saying he's not a 'pet'. Although their personalities differ quite a bit with Bee being very cheerful and fun-loving and PuppyCat trying to be tough and bossy, it hasn't affected their relationship in any significant way, and they have even found...

    1. (To a ladybug) \\"Hello, peon. Bow to me.\\" 2. \\"Aww sick!\\" 3. (To a bee) \\"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!\\" 4. (To Deckard) \\"Pick up my groceries, peasant!\\" 5. (To Cardamon) \\"I want the hammer.\\" 6. \\"I would do anything for Pretty Patrick.\\" 7. \\"Betrayal...\\" 8. (To Bee) \\"I'm not your pet.\\" 9. \\"My ass!! MY ASS!!! MY ASSSSSSS!!\\" 10. So, this is how I die..? What a meaningless life I lived Whatever, who cares.

    1. Bee and PuppyCat Part 1 2. Bee and PuppyCat Part 2 3. Food 4. Farmer 5. Beach 6. Cats 7. Birthday 8. Game 9. Toast 10. Dogs 11. Wedding

  9. Bee and Puppycat season 2 finally finds a release at Netflix ... › animation-cartoons › 2020/10/6

    Oct 06, 2020 · Bee and Puppycat premiered in 2013 as a short, two-part episode on Frederator Studios’ YouTube Channel Cartoon Hangover, created by former Adventure Time character designer Natasha Allegri ...

    • Petrana Radulovic
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