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    Layton T. "Monty" Montgomery is a lawyer that represented the five major honey companies. During the trial, he engaged in hyperbole and grandiose language to sway the jury, to the point that he provoked Adam Flayman into attacking him in anger, thus strengthening his case that bees were savages.

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    When Barry learns that the humans have been stealing and eating his fellow bees' honey for centuries and the bees have been mistreated (mostly by the use of bee smokers) by beekeepers working for companies that are selling their honey, he resolves to sue the entire human race (mostly the CEOs of the companies who has been selling the honey) and put an end to the exploitation of all bees around the world. He is aided by the help of his best friend Adam Flayman and their new human friend Vanessa Bloome, who is a florist and a bee enthusiast herself. When the day of the trial came, the CEOs of the honey companies hired their best defense attorney, who was none other than Layton himself. For his opening statement, Layton mocks the idea of talking bees in the court, which incited an angry Barry to speak on the behalf of the bees, saying that it would be crazy for the humans just to take the honey away from the bees just because they're the "little guy". As the trial commences, Barry call...

    Layton is a greedy and serious lawyer who hates bees. After he got painfully stung by Adam, he pointed surly at Barry and told him he was gonna regret this. One of his most grotesque plans is when he infrequently weakens and destroys Barry B. Benson's case in order to let the honey companies continue their exploitation of the bees. Despite his flaws, he had a good point about the consequences of the disruption of nature when there are no bees to pollinate any more plants, making him a very realistic and pragmatic man.

    Layton's voice actor in the movie, John Goodman, is the same actor who also voiced James P. Sullivan in Disney/Pixar's 2001 computer-animated film Monsters, Inc..
    Ned Beatty, who voiced Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear and Tortoise John, was considered for the role of Layton, which is probably why his final line paraphrases Arthur Jensen's famous line from Network.
    Despite being the main antagonist, Kenis arguably more dangerous than Montgomery, as he actually tried to kill Barry, whilst Montgomery mostly just insulted him.
    Despite being defeated, he actually wins some parts against Barry as he proves Barry was wrong in making bees stop working, leading to severe disruption in the environment.
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    Voice actor. John Goodman. Layton T. "Monty" Montgomery is a lawyer that represented the five major honey companies. During the trial, he engaged in hyperbole and grandiose language to sway the jury, to the point that he provoked Adam Flayman into attacking him in anger, thus strengthening his case that bees were savages.

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    In Bee Movie,

    Layton T. Montgomery is a lawyer for the food companies in America. When Barry declared he and the bee species were suing the human race for taking their honey without consent and using cruel methods to take it from them, and how humans were taking credit for the hard work bees do to make that honey, montgomery was called by the major food company CEOs and honey farms for help. In court, he tells the judge and jury that a long time ago, Layton's grandmother was "a simple woman born on a farm...

    Layton is a grumpy and serious lawyer, who is also shown to be cunning and intelligent as he uses facts about nature against Barry in court, from reading books about the secret life of bees to watching bee documentaries to get all the information he needed. While he is seen to be greedy, he understands that the balance of nature is important as humans and animals need what nature provides for them like honey, milk, flowers and vegetables thanks to his grandmother, who lived on a farm and lived off of nature.

    Layton is a plump, middle-aged man who has dark gray, balding hair. He wears a tuxedo with a red, yellow polka-dotted bowtie.

    Bee Movie

    1. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, my grandmother was a simple woman, born on a farm." 2. "For all we know, he could be on steroids!" 3. "Do you live together?" 4. "Are you her little bedbug?" 5. "This is an unholy perversion of the balance of nature, Benson, you'll regret this."

    Bee Movie Game

    1. "Waiter, there's a bee in my soup." 2. "Er, that's quite all right." 3. "C'mon! Let's get out of here." 4. "So, tell me. How are things shaping up?" 5. "Superb. Yes, sir. I am pleased to hear it."

    Layton is constantly believed to be the secondary antagonist of Bee Movie.
    Layton has a grandmother who was unnamed.
    Layton is Similar to Congressman Chuck Long from Evan Almighty, which they are both greedy and played by John Goodman.
  6. Bee Movie (2007) - John Goodman as Layton T. Montgomery - IMDb

    Bee Movie (2007) - John Goodman as Layton T. Montgomery - IMDb.

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    Layton T. Montgomery's Grandmother is a character mentioned in Bee Movie. Layton T Montgomery's grandmother was a simple woman. Born on a farm, she believed it was man's divine right to hold dominion of the creatures God lay before them.

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    The character Martin Benson is a reference to an unseen character in Seinfeld (1989) season three, episode fourteen, "The Pez Dispenser". "Marty Benson" allegedly died after Kramer poured ice-cold Gatorade on his head after a baseball game. All of the bees in the movie either have buzz cuts or "beehive" hairdos.

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