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    Belarus a fost numită oficial de către ruși „Bielorusia” (în rusă Белоруссия; cu ultima parte similară în română, dar nu și în rusă cu termenul „Rusia” — scris Россия) în perioada țaristă, iar țarul rus se autointitula „Țar al tuturor Rusiilor”, întrucât imperiul său era format din toate Rusiile ...

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  2. Belarus - Wikipedia

    The name Belarus is closely related with the term Belaya Rus ', i.e., White Rus'.There are several claims to the origin of the name White Rus'. An ethno-religious theory suggests that the name used to describe the part of old Ruthenian lands within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania that had been populated mostly by Slavs who had been Christianized early, as opposed to Black Ruthenia, which was ...

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  4. Belarus (officially called Republic of Belarus) is a country in Eastern Europe. About nine million people live there. Its capital is Minsk. It was part of the Soviet Union until 1991.

  5. History of Belarus - Wikipedia

    After an initial period of independent feudal consolidation, Belarusian lands were incorporated into the Kingdom of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and eventually the Soviet Union. Belarus became an independent country in 1991 after declaring itself free from the Soviet Union.

  6. Belarus ialah negara pedalaman, relatif datar, dan memiliki bidang berawa yang besar. Danau dan sungai membentuk negeri ini. Daerah rawa terbesar ialah Polesia, yang merupakan salah satu rawa terbesar di Eropa. Ada 11.000 danau di Belarus, tetapi sebagian besar danau itu lebih kecil daripada 0,5 kilometer persegi (124 hektar).

  7. Geography of Belarus - Wikipedia

    Belarus, a landlocked, generally flat country (the average elevation is 162 meters (531 ft) above sea level) without natural borders, occupies an area of 207,600 square kilometers (80,200 sq mi), or slightly smaller than the United Kingdom or the state of Kansas.

  8. Minsk - Wikipedia

    Minsk (Belarusian: Мінск/Менск, Russian: Минск) is the capital and the largest city of Belarus, located on the Svislač and the Niamiha rivers. As the capital, Minsk has a special administrative status in Belarus and is the administrative centre of Minsk Region and Minsk District ().

  9. Visa requirements for Belarusian citizens - Wikipedia

    Visa requirements for Belarusian citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed on citizens of Belarus by the authorities of other states. As of 13 April 2020, Belarusian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 75 countries and territories, ranking the Belarusian passport 69th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.

  10. A1 Belarus - Wikipedia

    Association was created to promote esports in Belarus, develop and support professional players, coaches and referees, hold competitions and further international contacts. On May 4, 2020 the first cybersport mobile online games match was held on the A1’s 5G SA test network.

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