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  1. Mr.Wilfred Peters (Mista Peetaz) Mr. Peters' Boom & ChimeMr. Wilfred Peters is celebrated as the King of Brokdong Mmusic. He passed away on June 9, 2010. This Belizean national icon had over 60 years of creating and playing Kriol music.

  2. Family singing Belizean folk songs. We didn’t know some of them and they are plenty more that we still don’t know but hopefully you enjoyed watching us and l...

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    Whenever I think of a true Belizean rhythm, the first thing that comes to mind is Brukdown, it is the loud music heard almost every day blasting from the houses of neighbors. This genre was created by the Kriol culture, with great innovators such as Leela Vernon and Mr. Peters and his Boom and Chime band. Often, the music is made by paring instruments such an accordion, electric guitar, steel drums, banjo, a donkey’s jawboneand turtle shells – it’s amazing.

    The instrument of choice for the Mestizo is the Marimba – a percussion instrument that looks like a Xylophone. With the marimba originating from West Africa, there’s more to this story than I personally know; it is believed that a form of this instrument was brought to Guatemala, Mexico and Belize by slaves in the 1500s. Since then it has been modified and can now be heard in some villages of Corozal, Orange Walk, Cayoand Toledo.

    The Garinagu proudly showcase their culture, and music is a very important part of it. Their most popular music is called Punta: an upbeat, dancing tune that revolves around the beating of drums and the movement of your hips. One artist that has done a great deal for Belizean music in the international music scene is Andy Palacio. With his album: Watina, he steered away from the popular Punta Rock genre toward Paranda, and by doing so, he tapped into the soulful side of Garifuna music and got people listening instead of only dancing.

    The Maya equally share the love of the Marimba music, to the point that it is known as the national instrument of Guatemala. Since I already discussed it above, let’s talk about another traditional instrument of the Maya: the harp. The Maya harp is created from rainforest hardwoods such as Mahogany by using special handmade tools and is part of an age-old tradition. Take a look at the video below of Mr. Florencio Mess, a master harpist that lives in San Pedro Columbia, a small village in Toledo. Do you have any favourites? I would love your feedback.

  5. Everything you need to know about Belizean Music. Belize has a rich and varied musical history, partly in due to the contributions of various cultures and groups living in the country. Whether it is modern genres like punta rock or traditional dances inherited from the long centuries of Maya presence, the music of Belize is truly unique ...

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  6. Belize Creole - Language, Food, Clothing and Music The term Creole was originally applied to persons born in the West Indies of Spanish parents. While today it is used in reference to descendants of non-Indian peoples born and settled in the West Indies, in concept it has more of a cultural meaning locally.

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