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  1. TRICARE Members of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (and their families) are eligible for Healthcare Coverage through TRICARE Reserve Select. TRICARE Reserve Select is a monthly premium-based plan available worldwide with a large network of providers. Coverage includes pharmacy benefits and the option to purchase dental coverage at a reduced cost. If joining through the Direct Affiliation ...

    • Pay
    • Officer Opportunities
    • Space-A Flights
    • USMAP
    • Cdet Weekend Seminars
    • Reserve Benefits
    • Conclusion

    One of the benefits of joining the Marine Corps Reserve is the ability to keep your civilian job or attend school, plus earn additional income. The Marine Corps Reserves provides drill pay that is based on rank and time in service. When attending drill, you receive a set amount per each drill period. On an average weekend for reservists, there are ...

    The Marine Corps provides many opportunities for Reserve members to complete commissioning as an officer. There are many benefits to completing school and becoming an officer. Not only does your pay/rank increase, you have new leadership skills, opportunities for higher retirement/earlier retirement, and other benefits. Upon completion of Officer C...

    When Military members are on active duty they have the ability to fly on space-a flights. What this means is that whenever there are Department of Defense aircraft seats that are left over after all of the space-required passengers have been accounted for, you can use them for personal travel. Generally, these flights are available to both Military...

    USMPAP, or United Services Military Apprenticeship Program, is an opportunity for Marine Corps Reserve members to receive an apprenticeship while training for their MOS. An apprenticeship through USMAP does not usually require off-duty hours and is free to service members. It will result in documented proof of completion.

    Marine Corps University has nine Professional Military Education (PME) programs, of which College of Distance Education and Training (CDET), is one. CDET provides distance education programs that are accessible around the world through the use of their online learning system (MarineNet), learning resource centers and seminars. The programs provided...

    Joining the reserves, regardless of the branch has benefits. While some benefits are unique to certain military branches, there are universal benefits that can be used in all active reserves. Benefits: 1. Low-cost life insurance 2. Civilian job protection 3. Education assistance services 4. Drill pay 5. TRICARE Insurance 6. Direct Deposit

    The Marine Corps Reserves offers a chance to improve yourself as both a Marine and a civilian. Benefits discussed above include pay, officer opportunities, space-a flights, USMAP and CDET Weekend Seminars. By providing opportunities at officer commissioning and leadership improvement skills, the Marine Corps turns reservist into valuable assets tha...

  2. Those in the Marine Corps Reserve are trained in combat and can be mobilized for active duty in time of war, national emergency, or contingency operations. Marine Corps Reserves supplement active-duty Marines during battle.

  3. Oct 20, 2022 · The reserves has many benefits, including, being stationed near home or school, guaranteed military occupational specialty at the time of enlistment, advanced MOS training and leadership ...

  4. The Marine Corps Reserve includes trained individuals who can be called to active duty during war, national emergencies or contingency operations.

  5. The title “Marine” lasts a lifetime, and even when not on active duty, Marines can serve the Corps and our Nation as part of the Reserve. The Reserve is an at-the-ready force of Marines who are highly trained and prepared to enter the fight at a moment’s notice. The Marine Reserve can be the difference-maker in any battle.

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  7. Marine Forces Reserve The Marine Corps IRR is a segment of the Marine Corps Ready Reserve, which includes Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) unit, Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), Active Reserve (AR), and Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) Marines.

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