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  1. On this page is a Graham Number Calculator.The calculator works with your inputs to estimate a stock's fundamental value with Benjamin Graham's Formula based on earnings and book value per share.

  2. May 07, 2022 · The stock traded around $44.76 per share at close on Thursday, which was below the Graham Number of $59.52, for a price-to-Graham Number ratio of approximately 0.75. The stock is down 4.53% year over year with a market cap of $168.82 billion and a 52-week range of $41.47 to $60.3.

  3. › finance › intrinsic-valueIntrinsic Value Calculator

    Apr 06, 2022 · The calculator will use the Benjamin Graham intrinsic value formula to calculate the intrinsic value per share of the stock. It will also show the margin of safety. It is advisable to have a margin of safety between 20% and 50%, but it also depends on your individual risk appetite.

  4. #4) Graham and Lynch Formulas. Lastly, the calculator includes a page for modified Graham and Lynch formulas: It calculates the original Benjamin Graham formula as well as his modified version for various interest rate environments.

  5. Sep 28, 2017 · Intrinsic value calculator: Book value and dividend growth Intrinsic value calculator: Book value and dividend growth. Download from drop box. DCF intrinsic value calculator. This calculator estimate the intrinsic value of a stock based on the amount of free cash flow it will produce and the growth rate of these free cash flows in the future.

  6. A Graham Number Calculator which uses Benjamin Graham's method to estimate a fair price. A Discounted Cash Flow Calculator which uses estimated future earnings or cash flow growth to estimate the fair value of a stock or investment.

  7. › finance › margin-of-safetyMargin of Safety Calculator

    Aug 05, 2021 · The term 'margin of safety' was initially coined by the investors, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, to refer to the gap between an investment's intrinsic value and its market value. An asset or security's intrinsic value is the value or price an investor believes to be the "real or true worth" of that asset, independent of what others (the ...

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