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    May 03, 2018 · Bep’s other sister and fiance claimed that they witnessed Nelly making the call. Nelly Voskuijl is therefore my favorite suspect for the crime of betraying Anne Frank, especially if the Gestapo went directly to the bookcase. If that’s true, the betrayal could only have been made by someone with inside knowledge. Nelly Voskuijl had it.

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    Jun 23, 2021 · In 2015, a biography of Dutch resistance activist Elisabeth “BepVoskuijl, Otto Frank’s young secretary (Elli Vossen in Anne Frank’s diary) who helped the Frank family was published. Authors Joop Van Wijk (Bep’s son) and the Flemish journalist Jeroen De Bruyn claimed that Nelly Voskuijl, Bep’s sister, denounced the people in the attic.

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    Bep Voskuijl has appeared in the following books: Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography

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    ANNE AND THE HELPERS Bep Voskuijl started working for Otto Frank’s company before the war. She was the youngest staff member. When the Frank family went into hiding in the secret annexe, she had just turned 23. According to Otto Frank, Anne and Bep got along famously and could often be found in a corner whispering about things.

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    In 2015, Flemish journalist Jeroen de Bruyn and Joop van Wijk, Bep Voskuijl's youngest son, wrote a biography, Bep Voskuijl, het zwijgen voorbij: een biografie van de jongste helper van het Achterhuis (Bep Voskuijl, the Silence is Over: A Biography of the Youngest Helper of the Secret Annex), in which they alleged that Bep's younger sister ...

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    Jun 02, 2015 · Friends of the family, Miep Gies and her husband Jan, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, and Bep Voskuijl, and her father Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl, helped the Franks and the others to survive for the two years they were in hiding. June 12, 2015 would have been Anne Frank’s 86 th birthday.

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    Elisabeth "Bep" Voskuijl (Nederlandse uitspraak: [eːlisabɛt bɛp ˈfɔskœyl]) (5 Julie 1919 - 6 Mei 1983) help verberg Anne Frank en haar gesin van Nazi vervolging tydens die besetting van die Nederland. In die vroeë weergawes van Die dagboek van Anne Frank, het sy die skuilnaam "Elli Vossen" gekry.

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    The people living in the Secret Annex. From 1942 to 1944, these eight people all lived in the Secret Annex. They were completely dependent on six helpers; employees and friends of Anne's father. The helpers provided food and clothing, as well as books, magazines and newspapers. Click on the person you want to learn more about.

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    Biografie. Bep s-a născut în Amsterdam.Ea a fost unul dintre cei opt copii ai lui Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl și ai Christinei Voskuijl. Încă din adolescență, Bep a lucrat ca modistă, chelneriță și menajeră în scopul de a câștiga bani pentru școlarizare și a absolvit cursuri de secretariat.

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    Dramaturgy Projects: Research. Dramaturgy is the study of the history and language hidden within a play. You will all be dramaturges as we read and perform a reader’s theater production of The Diary of Anne Frank. You will research five topics: the people in the play (the characters) the setting of the annex. the mystery of who betrayed Anne.

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