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  1. Elisabeth of Świdnica - WikipediaŚwidnica

    Elisabeth of Świdnica (ca. 1315 – 8/9 February 1348) was a member of the Piast dynasty in the Świdnica-Jawor branch and by marriage Duchess of Opole.. She was the third child but second daughter of Duke Bernard of Świdnica by his wife Kunigunde, daughter of Władysław I the Elbow-high, later King of Poland.

  2. Constance of Świdnica - Wikipedia

    Constance of Świdnica (c. 1313 – 21 November 1363) was a member of the Piast dynasty in the Świdnica-Jawor branch and by marriage Duchess of Głogów. She was the second child but eldest daughter of Duke Bernard of Świdnica by his wife Kunigunde , daughter of Władysław I the Elbow-high , later King of Poland .

  3. Świdnica - Unionpedia, the concept mapŚwidnica

    Świdnica (Schweidnitz; Svídnice) is a city in southwestern Poland in the region of Silesia. 391 relations.

  4. Person:Bolko I the Strict (1) - Genealogy

    the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia. Bolko I the Strict also known as the Raw or of Jawor ( or 'Srogi' or 'Jaworski'; 1252/56 – 9 November 1301), was a Duke of Lwówek (Löwenberg) during 1278–81 (with his brother as co-ruler) and Jawor (Jauer) since 1278 (with his brother as co-ruler until 1281), sole Duke of Lwówek since 1286, Duke of Świdnica-Ziębice since ...

  5. List of nicknames of European royalty and nobility: B - Wikipedia

    Bernard III, Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim, 1453–1458 the Fortunate Bernard VII, Count of Lippe (1429–1511) the Warlike Bernard I of Armagnac the Suspicious , the Distrustful

  6. Bishops of Poland (by Name)

    Dec, Ignacy (76), Bishop emeritus of Świdnica : Długosz, Antoni Józef (79), Titular Bishop of Aggar and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Częstochowa : Dowlaszewicz Billman, Stanisław, O.F.M. Conv. (63), Titular Bishop of Tigimma and Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

  7. Wrocław - Unionpedia, the concept mapław

    Wrocław (Breslau; Vratislav; Vratislavia) is the largest city in western Poland. 6989 relations: "Polish death camp" controversy, A Jewish Girl in Shanghai, A Lonely Woman, A. J. P. Taylor, A. M. Bakalar, A18 autostrada (Poland), A4 autostrada (Poland), A8 autostrada (Poland), Aarhus International Jazz Festival, Aaron Halle-Wolfssohn, Aaron Hart (rabbi), Aba Dunner, Abortion in Poland ...

  8. Świecie - castle - Ancient and medieval architecture

    The castle was probably created in the first decades of the 14th century at the order of the prince of Świdnica-Jawor Bernard to protect the route running from Lusatia to Lubań and Jelenia Góra. It lost his military importance after the inclusion of Silesia to the Czech. After the fire in 1527 the castle was rebuilt in renaissance style.

  9. Poland - Martin's Ecclesiastical Heraldry

    Bishop Jan Bernard Szlaga of Pelplin 1992-2012 ... Auxiliary Bishop Roman Marcinkowski of Plock 1985-2017 coat of arms. ... Bishop Ignacy Dec of Świdnica 2004-2020

  10. Henryk V Brzuchaty V, książę (c.1248 - 1296) - Genealogy

    Dec 03, 2017 · Bolesław II died on 26 December 1278 and Henry was now able to succeeded him as a Duke in Legnica. Shortly afterwards, Henry in turn gave lands to his younger brothers: Bolko I and Bernard received Jawor and Lwówek as co-rulers, but Henry retaining the town of Środa Śląska, a town obtained in 1277 in exchange of Henry IV's freedom.