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  2. Jul 29, 2021 · From loveable mages to angsty soldiers, these are the best characters in Final Fantasy history. By Matthew Byrd | July 29, 2021 | | 0 Photo: Square Enix

  3. Jun 21, 2023 · This game left an indelible mark on the game industry for having the easiest gameplay and combat systems to get a hang of, especially with the Limit Break system, and giving us the most...

    • Cristina Alexander
  4. Oct 1, 2022 · Gaming All 15 Final Fantasy games, ranked best to worst By Tom's Guide Staff last updated 1 October 2022 We ranked every mainline Final Fantasy game, from the NES original to FFXV...

    • Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) Age: 21. Birthday: August 11th. Height: 5'8" Ultimate Weapon: Ultima Weapon. Cloud is not only the most recognizable protagonist in the series' long history but also the most complex.
    • Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI) Age: 18. Birthday: October 18th. Height: 5'3" Ultimate Weapon: Apocalypse. When players first meet Terra, she is an Empire pawn with no agency whatsoever.
    • Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV) Age: 20. Birthday: Unknown. Height: 5'10" Ultimate Weapon: Lightbringer. Cecil's story is one of perseverance that's punctuated by shocking twists and somber turns.
    • Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII) Age: 21. Birthday: Unknown. Height: 5'7" Ultimate Weapon: Omega Weapon. Final Fantasy XIII has a lot of problems. It is unforgivably linear, its story is weak and its characters are, for the most part, incredibly one-dimensional.
    • Final Fantasy VI. Later installments in the Final Fantasy franchise have better graphics and faster combat, but even with all those innovations, Final Fantasy VI remains the pinnacle of the series.
    • Final Fantasy VII. If you enjoy playing ultra niche JRPGs in English nowadays, Final Fantasy VII is the game to thank for that. Before Final Fantasy VII, localizing RPGs was seen as a pretty big risk for most publishers, as the audience for such titles was thought to be quite small.
    • Final Fantasy X. In hindsight, Final Fantasy X was the last hurrah for much of what initially made the series popular. To date, it’s the last game in the series to feature (mostly) traditional turn-based combat or random encounters, and it was the last game to feature a soundtrack mostly composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake. Honestly, most gamers would have just been happy to have the same old version of Final Fantasy VII with 4K graphics, but Square Enix blew everyone out of the water with a completely new take on the classic.
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