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      • Tactics Manager is an excellent football training software. Very simple to use, but at the same time simple, practical and functional with everything i need and perfect to create and organize my exercises, even for the goalkeeper training. In addition to all the functionality allows me to create videos for a better explanation to the keepers
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  2. Nov 28, 2019 · Dartfish is another wonder software and easily translates all football matches into figures that are easy to crunch and scan for ideas. Indeed, Dartfish integrates seamlessly with a host of hotshot analytical tools including Opta, SportsCode, and InStat data to create special insights into what’s happening on the pitch.

    • Hudl on iTunes.
    • Hudl on Google Play. GroupMe: It’s like a private chat room for your team, position group or coaching staff. Have as...
    • GroupMe on iTunes.
    • GroupMe on Google Play. Coach.Me: Create your playbooks with ease. Everything needed to bring your play to life is just...
    • The FA Coach’s App - £6.99. The FA Coach’s App is a comprehensive tool that allows coaches to plan almost every facet of a coaching session in advance.
    • 24/7 Coach Football - £9.99. 24/7 Coach Football is a user-friendly app that has been designed to help players improve both technically and tactically.
    • Football Coach – Free. Football Coach is an Android app that is currently free to download. Its rather basic design is functional and easy to navigate, and it allows you to plan the basics of your training sessions in seconds.
    • Coach’s Eye - £3.99. The Coach’s Eye app has been designed for the iPhone and the iPad, and it records players as they move around with the ball. In the style of Gary Neville in the Sky Sports studio, coaches can slow down, pause and fast forward the action in order to identify areas of play or technique that warrant attention.
    • Soccer Coach Pro. The first soccer training app is the Soccer Coach Pro app. This coaching app allows trainers to design their own plays however they want.
    • Coach Tactic Board: Soccer. The Coach Tactic Board: Soccer could be considered a soccer tactics board app, but it does so much more. The app’s main feature lets coaches create plays and tactical strategies.
    • 27/7 Football Coach. The 24/7 Football Coach is one of the most intuitive and illustrative soccer training apps for tablets. It comes with an abundance of icons to indicate plays and create exercise to use for field training.
    • 3D Tactical Pad. The TacticalPad is a dynamic and innovative coaching app which comes with tools to complete a variety of tasks related to soccer. The soccer training app, TacticalPad, is one of the most complete coaching apps for tactical analysis, opponent strategy, creating exercises, planning sessions, and drawing new formations.
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