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    What was the best movie of the 1970s?

    What are the best movies of all time?

    What was it like in the 1970s?

    Is the Godfather one of the Greatest '70s movies of all time?

    • Marc Chacksfield
    • The Godfather Part II (1974) £8.59. View now at Amazon. Whenever the argument arises over the inferiority of sequels, Francis Ford Coppola’s first follow-up to The Godfather is commonly used as a classic example that bucks the trend.
    • Star Wars (1977) £40.98. View now at Amazon. After Jaws showcased just what mainstream audiences were looking for in the 70s, George Lucas took the idea of a blockbuster one step further.
    • Jaws (1975) £5.61. View now at Amazon. While Star Wars is often seen as the film which invented the summer blockbuster, it was actually Steven Spielberg’s terrifying tale of shark v man which changed how Hollywood viewed the warmer months.
    • Alien (1979) £9.98. View at Amazon now. One of the last films of the decade was also one of the most important. Blending sci-fi and horror in a way that hadn’t been done before (at least not quite as successfully), Ridley Scott’s terrifying thriller kicked off a franchise that’s still going today - a sequel to 2017’s Alien: Covenant is currently in the works.
    • The Godfather (1972) This isn't merely the greatest movie of the 1970s, it's the greatest of all time — at least according to Time magazine, the American Film Institute and a slew of other best-film lists.
    • Taxi Driver (1976) This film sealed Martin Scorsese's reputation as the ultimate 1970s auteur, as well as Robert De Niro's as the decade's preeminent method actor — he lost 35 pounds and got a taxi license to prep for the role of Travis Bickle, the psychotic loner who falls for Cybill Shepherd.
    • Jaws (1975) Steven Spielberg's man-eating fish tale changed Hollywood forever ... and ruined swimming in the ocean for millions of traumatized moviegoers.
    • Star Wars (1977) Taking a break from filming Star Wars, George Lucas visited his good buddy Steven Spielberg on the set of Close Encounters ... and freaked out.
  2. Apr 21, 2020 · The best 70s movies of all time, like Grease and The Godfather, marked a new age of cinema. These are the best movies from the seventies everyone should see in their lifetime.

    • Kelly O'sullivan
    • Senior Editor
  3. Feb 13, 2023 · Over 5400 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of the best films from the '70s. From beloved classics like The Godfather and Jaws to cult favorites such as Monty Python's Life of Brian and Rocky Horror Picture Show, this list covers many different genres which still resonate with fans today.

  4. Feb 28, 2023 · To celebrate the cinematic heyday of the 1970s, Stacker compiled a list to rank the 50 best movies of the decade by collecting data on all '70s movies to come up with a Stacker score—a...

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