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    What are some new wave bands?

    What is best new wave songs ever?

    What are the best no wave bands?

    What was the new wave in the 1980s?

  2. List of new wave artists - Wikipedia

    Kajagoogoo KaS Product Nik Kershaw King King Crimson ( Discipline and Beat era) The Knack Kombi Kora Kult

  3. New Wave Bands | List of Best New Wave Groups of All Time

    So, what are the best New Wave bands? Any list of New Wave bands has to include British bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran, and The Police just to name a few. There are so many great New Wave bands that it's hard to limit naming them to just this few, but, that's the beauty of this list.

  4. 100 Greatest New Wave Artists - DigitalDreamDoor

    1. Talking Heads 2. Elvis Costello 3. The Police 4. Blondie 5. Eurythmics 6. Duran Duran 7. Tears for Fears 8. Depeche Mode 9. The Cars

  5. The Best New Wave Albums - Paste

    Oct 13, 2020 · The 50 Best New Wave Albums. 50. Pretty in Pink (1986) John Hughes’ use of music was so distinct and masterful that to this day, lazy music writers can describe something as ... 49. The Vapors: New Clear Days (1980) 48. The Beat (The English Beat): I Just Can’t Stop It (1980) 47. Bow Wow Wow: I Want ...

  6. 20 great bands to shake up the 2020s | Louder
    • Polly Glass
    • Dirty Honey. This LA-based group play “new old-fashioned rock’n’roll”; think of a beefier Black Crowes fronted by the lovechild of Axl Rose and Steven Tyler, and you’re in the right ballpark.
    • John (TimesTwo) If you liked the intelligent, infectious racket of Idles – but also like your metal on the roaring, doomy side – you’ll love this duo from Crystal Palace, London.
    • Yola. When we spoke to Rival Sons singer Jay Buchanan last year, he singled out this lady from a small town outside... erm, Bristol as his favourite singer of the moment.
    • The Glorious Sons. We wanted to include these Canadians after seeing them at London's Scala last year. On their new album A War On Everything they’re assuredly slick and anthemic, but this was a proper rock show; the kind that tantalisingly threatens to fall off the rails without ever actually doing so.
  7. New wave: A guide to the best albums | Louder

    Aug 22, 2018 · New wave and its ugly twin sister, post-punk, are two terms used and abused with abandon when describing the music that followed the punk rock explosion of the mid-70s. To some people, new wave was the music made by bands who were too traditionally melodic to be classed as punk; bands that believed in good ol’ songwriting, in craft and – shock horror – quite liked the idea of having a ...

  8. Top New Wave Artists of the '80s - ThoughtCo
    • The Cars. One of the original and most musically balanced torchbearers for the new wave style, the Cars both exemplified and defined new wave with their sweeping, accessible sound.
    • Talking Heads. Almost all of the early New York City punk rock bands would ultimately take on the new wave descriptor, which is actually rather appropriate given the array of experimental styles found in that city's mid-'70s scene.
    • Elvis Costello. A common characteristic of the most enduring artists of the new wave era, perhaps by necessity, is an overriding versatility and searching needs to test the boundaries of what pop music had to offer.
    • The Police. The proximity of the Police to the punk rock revolution in England may have had as much to do with the band's inclusion in the new wave category as its reggae-inflected sound, but the trio certainly reflected the variety ultimately housed within the genre.
  9. Rolling Stone's Best New Wave Albums of All Time - Album of ...
    • Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! March 5, 1979. Score. 100. iTunes. Spotify.
    • Talking Heads - Remain in Light. October 8, 1980. Score. 100. iTunes. Spotify.
    • Elvis Costello - This Year's Model. March 17, 1978. Score. 100. iTunes. Spotify.
    • Pretenders - Pretenders. January 11, 1980. Score. 100. iTunes. Spotify.
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