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    • Standing without Support. This is a basic female pose which is suitable both for a studio shooting and for outdoors. Have one leg of a model slightly bent and arms placed to allow the light to move easily.
    • Looking Back. Such poses for women will emphasize the model’s back and focus on her eyes and hair. Nature, architecture or even an ordinary photo booth can serve as a background in such photos.
    • Leaning Against the Wall. I like to use this pose during a fashion or commercial photo session. This is a support that a model can lean on and balance.
    • Facing the Wall. This kind of women poses allows you to show body curves and give an opportunity to play with angles and arms position. For a better result, use an old door, a wall with different textures and arches as support.
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    • Never Pose a Woman Square to the Camera. When posing a female model we’re going for a slim, feminine look. Some poses bring this out. Others do the opposite.
    • Shoot from Slightly Above. Shooting from slightly above your model will help to define the chin and jawline. The camera should always be at least above her eye level – never below it.
    • Go for a Strong Jaw Line. A strong jaw line without a double chins is one of the main features you’re going for in female portraits. Shooting from above eye level is one technique, but there are others that are just as important.
    • A Mouth Slightly Open. With female portraits how the mouth appears can make or break a photo. A closed, tight mouth tends to suggest defiance, boredom, or even anger.
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    • Hands on Hips. If your hands are on the hips, your waist seems thinner. Moreover, circles formed by the arms mix with the background creating a slimming effect.
    • Full Frontal Face (Close-Up) Perhaps, some of you will say that we are not talking of model posing when it comes to close-up portraits. But it is not so, actually.
    • Being Near the Wall. I believe that the wall is a universal background for any kind of shooting and a great surface to pose. You may lean up against it or balance on the wall.
    • Leaning on Something. Remember that the shooter’s position also influences the model’s behavior in the frame. For example, if you sit or lean against her, she changes her focal points and that is, of course, seen in the frame.
  4. Jan 01, 2021 · Back poses, candid poses, standing out alone in pictures are on the fad. Standing poses are very common and people search for suitable captions for their pictures. Side look poses to show your different angles. Funny or weird poses show how mischievous you are. Candid ones for natural pictures. Attitude poses have confidence in a person’s eyes.

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