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  1. best. See definition of best on adj. most excellent. adj. correct, right. adj. most. adv. most excellently. noun most outstanding thing in class. noun highest personal effort. verb defeat; gain advantage.

  2. Synonyms for BEST: stylish, elegant, fashionable, noncasual, formal, dressy, chic, neat; Antonyms of BEST: everyday, informal, casual, relaxed, workaday, sporty, dressed down, dégagé

  3. 11. the best the most outstanding or excellent person, thing, or group in a category. 12. ( often preceded by at) the most excellent, pleasing, or skilled quality or condition: journalism at its best. 13. the most effective effort of which a person or group is capable: even their best was inadequate.

  4. 1 hour ago · On a professional note, if you ever decide to do a Girl Scout cookie taste test, save the Thin Mints for last because the minty flavor sticks around for a while after eating and could compromise ...

  5. 1 hour ago · Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Season 3) Image via Hulu. Available: February 15 | Created by: RZA and Alex Tse. Starring: Shameik Moore, Joey Bada$$, Ashton Sanders, Siddiq Saunderson, T.J. Atoms. The ...

  6. 19 hours ago · Maui. Wendy Altschuler. With over 30 miles of beaches, Maui, “The Valley Isle”, has plenty of shoreline to explore. Top beaches with lifeguards include: Big Beach at Makena Beach State Park ...

  7. 6 hours ago · The Beer: New Glarus Weizen Doppelbock is a fantastic beer when you find yourself in Wisconsin in the winter. This beer is all about our often-underappreciated friends malt and yeast.

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