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    • Surround yourself with the town's panoramic view at Uppsala Castle (from USD 56.0) things to do in uppsala | surround yourself with the town's panoramic view at uppsala castle.
    • Visit the magnificent Uppsala Cathedral. This French Gothic-inspired cathedral was built in 1272 and houses the Archbishop of Uppsala. The remains of Sweden’s patron saint, King Eric IX, were buried in this cathedral along with a few more notable people in the history of the country.
    • Explore nature at Botanical Garden. If you decide to visit Uppsala Castle, you might as well pay Botanical Garden a visit. You just need to head west from Uppsala Castle to get there.
    • Look at the restored wall paintings at Heliga Trefaldighets kyrka. Another religious place to visit that is very close to Uppsala Cathedral is Helga Trefaldighets kyrka.
    • Lund. One of the oldest cities of Sweden, Lund lies in the southmost province of the country, Scania. The city is still preserving its old medieval charm and was established by Danes around 1020 AD.
    • Norrköping. The charming city is known as ‘Little Manchester’. On the edge of the river Motala ström, the city used to be an important industrial base for its textile production.
    • Växjö. The small town of Växjö has won a number of international environmental awards. It has even snatched the title of “The Greenest City in Europe” from BBC for its initiative on climate change.
    • Trelleborg. The southernmost city of Sweden is famous for its charming gardens and public arts. It used to be an important commercial center until the 15th century.
    • Turning Torso, Malmö. The tallest building in Scandinavia, Turning Torso is known for its unique form—a tower with a twist, so to speak, against the backdrop of a beautiful skyline.
    • Stockholm City Hall. Stockholm City Hall is one of the most famous buildings and best places to visit in Sweden. It has attracted many tourists to visit due to its many intricate pieces of art and elegant ceremonial halls.
    • Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred. Built as early as 1957, Gripsholm Castle boasts historic value, initially belonging to the royal Swedish family. The structure bears an uncanny resemblance to castles in fairy tales, standing out in the small town of Mariefred in Sodermanland.
    • Lund Cathedral. Attracting a grand total of 700,000 people annually, Lund Cathedral has become a hotspot for tourists in search of spiritual renewal or just wanting to marvel at the beauty of the infrastructure itself.
    • Stockholm
    • Gothenburg
    • Luleå
    • Stockholm Archipelago
    • Helsingborg
    • Abisko
    • Uppsala
    • Malmo
    • Lund
    • Kosterhavet

    Visit the capital of Sweden and discover why it’s the top tourist destination in the country. Stockholm is a massive area of 14 islands, and the travel destinations are nearly limitless. The city is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit Drottningholm Palace, a royal residence dating back to the 17th century, or check out Skogskyrkogården, ...

    Nestled along Sweden’s enchanting west coast, Gothenburg, the country’s second-largest city, beckons with a seaside allure and a trove of top-tier attractions. At the heart of this maritime gem lies Liseberg, a renowned amusement park that transcends entertainment, offering a spectrum of rides, shows, and vibrant atmospheres. From gravity-defying r...

    Visit Luleå, a small town in northeast Sweden in Norrbotten County. It’s a coastal city famous for hiking, skiing, and top cuisine. Visit the Gammelstad Church Town, a preserved community of houses and a church from the 15th century. You can also head to the Norrbotten Museumto discover local history and see art on display. One of the most amazing ...

    Did you know there are over 30,000 islands, rocks, and skerries off the coast of Stockholm? Take advantage of this natural wonder and schedule a day trip from Stockholm or book accommodation on a peaceful island. This archipelago is the largest in Sweden, and it only takes a few minutes to get there from the capital city. Visitors can book a guided...

    Helsingborg is at the southern tip of Sweden, just across the water from Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city. It’s a coastal town with a rich history, and the area has a gothic church and town hall, as well as a surviving medieval fortress. Start your tour of Helsingborg at the Kärnan fortress, and see beautiful views from the top of the tower. Next...

    Are you interested in seeing the iconic northern lights? Consider visiting Abisko, a small town north of the polar circle, and head to the observation center to catch a glimpse of the lights. Dress appropriately, as it will be chilly any time of the year. There’s a national park just southwest of the village, and the area is ideal for winter sports...

    Visit Uppsala, a city just north of Stockholm. It’s a moderately sized town that boasts Sweden’s first university, a medieval creation with academic buildings dating back to the 1400s. Tour the Gustavianum, Uppsala University’s historic first building, now a museum. Don’t forget to see the Uppsala Domkyrka, a gothic cathedral with several famous gr...

    Malmö is a beautiful city by Sweden’s southern tip, and the area is ideal for a sunnier kind of Swedish vacation. It’s right by Öresund Bridge, which connects Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö makes a great day trip from Copenhagen or vice versa. The Little Square is a tourist hub and is a great place to start in Malmö. The plaza showcases e...

    Lund is a southern Swedish city with a strong wine culture and fun nightlife. The town features many lush parks and outdoor spaces, and Lund is ideal for touring the cobblestoned streets on a pretty summer’s day. There are over a dozen wine bars in Lund, and you can taste the best of the region at a bar or drive out to a nearby winery like Flyinge ...

    Kosterhavet is a national park on the southeast coast of Sweden, and the park includes islands and underwater portions. Sweden’s national park system only established it as a protected marine area in 2009, and you can check out this pristine reserve and see tons of precious sea creatures and plants. The park also has protected coral reefs that you ...

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