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  1. Tips for Visiting | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    MAPPING ADDRESS: 931 Thomas Jefferson Parkway Charlottesville, VA 22902 GENERAL INFORMATION: (434) 984-9800

  2. How to Visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Home

    Throughout four decades, from 1769 until 1809, Monticello was an ever-evolving work in progress as Thomas Jefferson designed, expanded, remodeled and reconstructed portions of the main house and several other buildings on the estate. Monticello remained his beloved home for 56 years until his death on July 4, 1826.

  3. Do's & Don'ts | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Monticello welcomes nearly half a million guests each year. We want your visit to be enjoyable and safe. To ensure the best experience for every guest, we ask that you review and observe the following guidelines and regulations: What You Can Do at Monticello. Tour the Monticello House at the time reserved on your ticket.

  4. 5 Tips For Visiting Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Estate ...

    Aug 18, 2020 · Visiting Monticello, the hilltop estate that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, sounded like an excellent idea. I was staying at the Comfort Inn Monticello, just a couple miles from the historic site. Planning a Visit to Monticello. Monticello is located to the south of Charlottesville, on the “best piece of Virginia soil.”

  5. Visiting Thomas Jefferson's Monticello - Casual Travelist

    May 27, 2019 · It’s immediately evident why Thomas Jefferson chose this spot for his home, the views of the surround Blue Ridge mountains are simply breathtaking. Jefferson designed Monticello himself this UNESCO World Heritage site took over 40 years to be completed. Jefferson’s appreciation of classical architecture is evident outside as well as inside.

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  7. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Guided Bus Tour from Washington ...

    Travel from Washington DC to Charlottesville, Virginia, to explore Monticello, the home of President Thomas Jefferson. On this full-day tour, learn all about Jefferson's professional accomplishments and personal life as you tour Monticello, including Mulberry Row — where some of the slaves who worked on the plantation lived. Also, drive by the University of Virginia, which was founded and ...

  8. A Behind the Scenes Monticello Tour - Travel Addicts

    Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is arguably the most famous of former President’s homes. While Washington’s Mt. Vernon gets more visitors (its proximity to Washington DC ensures a steady stream of visitors on school trips), Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is the only Presidential home recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage ...

  9. Tickets & Tours | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Enjoy the ultimate Monticello insider’s experience and explore Jefferson’s mountaintop home on a tour tailored exclusively to your interests. Offered year round with at least two-weeks notice. Buy Tickets

  10. Visitors to Monticello | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Among Jefferson's most prominent and best-loved visitors were the marquis de Lafayette, the Abbé Correia, and James and Dolley Madison. A Celebrated Reunion Perhaps the most celebrated visitor to Monticello during Jefferson's lifetime arrived in 1824.

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