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  1. Miller-Anderson Histories: BETHIA HOPKINS (KELSEY) 1605-1680 › 2011 › 06

    Jul 28, 2012 · William Kelsey and Bethia Hopkins married back in England. Bethia Hopkins was not the daughter of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. There were two Bethia Hopkins in Hartford at about the same time. The older of the two was the one who married William Kelsey and settled in Hartford.

  2. Bethia HOPKINS is NOT of Mayfl - › forum › surnames

    It has been disproven that Bethia Hopkins was the daughter of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower (it has also been disproven that Constance Dudley was a wife of that Stephen).

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  4. William KELSEY & Bethia HOPKINS, Mayflower Descendant › html › grpf140246

    Family Genealogical Research. of only some family names and events - but shows no records, which are private: so this page may be part of a research project OR it may be a simple trial work page. Some children or events may b

  5. Stephen Hopkins (Mayflower passenger) - Wikipedia › wiki › Stephen_Hopkins_(Mayflower

    Constance Hopkins was baptized on 11 May 1606 and died in Eastham, Plymouth Colony, in mid-October 1677. She was a Mayflower passenger in 1620. By 22 May 1627 she had married Nicholas Snow in Plymouth and had twelve children. Her husband was a passenger on the ship Anne in 1623 and died on 15 November 1676.

  6. Descendants of Stephen Hopkins › ~smason › genealogy

    From: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Six, Stephen Hopkins, p. 1-6. Stephen Hopkins sailed in the Mayflower in 1620, one of the "Londoners" or "strangers" recruited for the voyage. He was called "Master," and only two others of the 17 free men on the voyage were so styled.


    4. Judah Hopkins, Sr. was born January 1677/1678 at Eastham, Barnstable, MA (on Cape Cod). He was the son of Stephen and Mary (Merrick) Hopkins. He was married 14 April 1702 at Eastham to Hannah Mayo, daughter of Samuel and Ruth Mayo and a descendent of William Brewster of the Mayflower.

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    There is one major problem: Bethia Hopkins is not the daughter of Stephen Hopkins. According to fellow genealogist Gregg Wager : The long tradition that assumes that William Kelsey’s wife’s name was “Bethia Hopkins” is based on Hinman’s misreading the 1663 record regarding William Kelsey’s daughter Bethia and her husband David Phillips.

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    The house was built by Jacob Mitchell in about 1667 and was sold to Jabez Howland. John and Elizabeth had wintered in the house, and Elizabeth lived there from 1675, when the Rocky Nook farm was burned down, until Jabez sold it in 1680. It is the only house standing in Plymouth in which Mayflower passengers lived. Elizabeth Tilley

  10. Mercy Hopkins (Mayo) (1688 - 1765) - Genealogy › people › Mercy-Hopkins

    667 M ii Jeremiah HOPKINS was born on 14 Mar 1708/1709 in Harwich, MA. + 668 F iii Elizabeth HOPKINS; 669 M iv Nathaniel HOPKINS was born on 1 Sep 1713 in Harwich, MA. He was christened before 15 Sep 1717. He died prob. before 15 Sep 1717. 670 F v Bethia HOPKINS was born on 19 Aug 1715 in Harwich, MA. + 671 M vi Nathaniel HOPKINS + 672 F vii ...

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