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  1. William Shatner and Henry Winkler team up with George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw for the travel adventure of a lifetime in "Better Late Than Never", premiering on Global.

  2. Globox - Percy the Small Engine (from Thomas and Friends) Murfy - Toby the Tram Engine (from Thomas and Friends) Teensies - Bill, Ben, Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand (from Thomas and Friends) Ly the Fairy - Emily the Emerald Engine (from Thomas and Friends) Ssssam the Snake - Toad (from Thomas and Friends)

  3. Julian14bernardino's upcoming Video Game Spoof of the "Rayman the Animated Series" franchise. Thomas the Animated Series Cast Rayman - Thomas the Tank Engine Cookie - Theodore (from Theodore Tugboat) LacMac - Tommy (from Tickety Toc) Betina - Tallulah (from Tickety Toc) Flips - Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan)

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    The first attempt to adapt Awdry's stories for television came in 1953, when the editor of the Railway Series books, Eric Marriott, was approached by the BBC, who wished to use live-action model trains to re-create two stories from Awdry's first book, The Three Railway Engines. 00 gauge Hornby Dublo models appeared on sets that reflected the style of the original illustrations. The first episode (based on "The Sad Story of Henry") was broadcast live on the evening of Sunday 14 June 1953 from...

    Early years and the series' success

    In 1979, British television producer Britt Allcroft was producing a documentary on the Bluebell Railway, a heritage railway in Sussex which featured in the Railway Series book Stepney the Bluebell Engine. As part of her research before filming, Allcroft read some books in The Railway Seriesand was highly entertained and impressed with the stories which Awdry had written, later remarking that "there was something in the stories that I felt I could develop that would connect with children. I sa...

    Later years

    The Britt Allcroft Company (which changed its name to Gullane Entertainment in 2000) was purchased by HiT Entertainment in September 2002,a company specialising in children's entertainment. The sixth and seventh series continued to introduce action-packed storylines and new characters, and saw the introduction of a writing staff. The sixth series (2002) was an attempt to create a spin-off based on the successful Bob the Builder series. Two episodes introduced a group of construction machine c...

    Originally, narratingwas used as the only voice in the series until 2008. Britt Allcroft thought it essential to convey the episode as a story that would be read from a book at home. Individual voice-over actors were given to both the UK and US dubs of the series, following the switch to full CGI animation in 2009.

    Home video history

    Over the history of the programme, the TV episodes and specials have been released for home viewing in a variety of compilations, formats and languages, by a variety of publishing houses.


    Up until series 12, narration and dialogue were performed by a single storyteller. Starting from series 22 up until series 24, Thomas the Tank Engine himself takes over as the narrator.


    The original live action models were filmed on an extensive model railway layout built at the studios. The models were built to the 1:32 scale, known in model railway circles as "Gauge 1". From Series 1 to 3, the locomotives used chassis made by Märklin with specially made bodies. Along with the moving-eye and eyelid mechanisms and resin faces, these bodies also included smoke generators. Coaches and trucks were made using Tenmille kits. Later models were constructed entirely from scratch. So...

    Face movements

    At the show's conception in 1984, live action model animation could not utilise lip sync, but show co-creator Britt Allcroft and model director David Mitton did not see this as an inhibition. About 20 years later however, with advancement in technology, the show saw the introduction of CGI by HIT Entertainment's subsidiary HOT Animation. At first this was used to generate smoke and other effects, but later, HIT (then current owners of Thomas) announced its intent to introduce a fully CGI seri...

    In the United Kingdom, Thomas & Friends was originally broadcast on ITV until 2006. Since then it has been broadcast on Channel 5's Milkshake!strand. In the United States, the series had first appeared only as sequences on Shining Time Station during the program's run from 1989 to 1995 on PBS. The sequences of the series later aired in 1996 on Mr. ...

    In correspondence with the series, Mattel teamed up with several companies to create apps based on Thomas & Friends, including Budge Studios and Animoca Brands. In 2010, they teamed up with Callaway Digital Arts to create apps based on the brand. By mid-2011, thirteen Thomas apps were available. In addition to collaborating, HiT Entertainment and M...

    Critical response

    Common Sense Mediarated the show a four out of five stars, writing, "Parents can be assured that this series has educational aspects as well as behavioural modelling. The Thomas the Tank Engine stories were conceived by a young British boy early in the 20th century, who would listen to the trains as they chuffed through the countryside. The stories he told his son – who has consequently passed them on to his own son – have been documented in books and toy train models. Since the series was in...

    Internet popularity

    In the 2010s, Thomas & Friends became the subject of several internet memes such as "Thomas' O-face", "Thomas the Dank Engine", and "The Fat Controller Laughed" and was even the centrepiece of an article for The New Yorker, which explored supposedly authoritarian subtextspresent in the show.

    Wilton, Shauna (1 January 2015). "A Very Useful Engine: The Politics of Thomas and Friends". In Nieguth, Tim (ed.). The Politics of Popular Culture: Negotiating Power, Identity, and Place. McGill-Q...

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    1. Official website 2. Awdry Family Site

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    1. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends at IMDb

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