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  1. Better Late Than Never The ramblings of the ghostly woman indicated that she needed a package delivered. She claimed that it was where her horse was. As to where the horse is or where the package was to be delivered - the ghost remains incomprehensible.

  2. I started the quest in Stormwind, traveled to Westfall and ran to the south-west and jumped into the water. I put the breathbuff on and started to swin south, under water. I got to Booty Bay around 5-10 minutes later, and I had no problems on the way since I never did go up to the surface. I fixed the flightpath as I anyway were there.

  3. Aug 14, 2019 · Start Better Late than Never in house at the Felstone Field (38.54). Go to next house and turn in at Janice’s Parcel. Accept the next quest. Do “Scarlet Diversions”. Clear the camp at 41.52 and burn the Tent. Also use the Banner. Return to Bulwark and turn it in. Accept The Scourge Cauldrons. Turn in at 83.72, accept Target: Felstone Field.

  4. Soloed him as a 65 Feral Druid and wow, that was one hell of a fight. He hits hard, very hard. I had to pop out and heal a good three or four times, burned Frenzied Regen, burned Innervate, had to pop a mana pot (which I don't believe I've ever even used before), and I still just barely survived with about 15% health. Hell of a fight.

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